Step by Step Weight Loss Surgery Journey

Weight loss surgery in Turkey provides international patients with the most effective and convenient treatment journeys; All steps of weight loss surgery journey are all equally important to achieve good results and for a smooth and successful medical journey.

  1. Consultation
  2. Pre-operation Step
  3. Procedure
  4. Post-operation and Aftercare
  5. Long-term Check-Ups

Mono Obesity Surgery designs every step of your obesity procedure with the best facilities and medical services; we provide treatment packages including accommodation, VIP transfers, all medical fees, personal assistant, pre-operative tests and checkups.

Weight Loss Surgery in 5 Steps

1.   Consultation

A quality weight loss surgery starts with a good consultation session.

As in every surgical procedure, a good planning of the procedure carries a big importance. The first step of a weight loss surgery journey in Turkey is usually the online consultation.

Mono Online Consultations

Online consultations give international patients a good chance to start a convenient weight loss surgery experience; during these initial consultations patients can get to know about the weight loss clinic, the bariatric surgeon and the country. Online consultations are also important for a good initial assessment of the patients’ individual medical condition. In these consultations, patients are expected to share their medical history, current medical condition, chronic diseases, obesity-related diseases, prior operations and the expectations from the weight loss surgery. In accordance to these information, the bariatric surgeon assesses the individual condition of the patients, decide on the suitability of the surgery and create a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best results.

Online consultations require continuous communication and straight forwardness; they are the foundation of the weight loss surgery and very important for the rest of the steps. After patients arrive Turkey, they have a face-to-face consultation to check on every detail again and for the necessary examinations and blood tests to be done.

Mono Obesity Surgery offers quality online consultation sessions performed by experienced medical consultants and extremely talented bariatric surgeon; the fact that the initial medical assessment can be performed online makes the whole procedure very convenient and easy for the international patients.

2.   Pre-operation Step

After a detailed and personalized treatment plan is created, the next step is getting ready for the surgery. When patients have made a decision to have a weight loss surgery, they should be careful with certain physical and mental aspects to be fully ready for the surgery.

Pre-operative Recommendations for Weight Loss Surgery

One of the most important things about the pre-operation process of weight loss surgeries is smoking; smoking has a very significant effect on the procedure and recovery period of weight loss surgery. Patients should stop smoking at least 4 weeks- or much earlier if possible- before their weight loss surgery to achieve the healthiest and the most desired results.

Another important factor about the pre-operation period of weight loss surgeries is the acknowledging the change of lifestyle that will come with the surgery. The magnificent results of the weight loss surgeries will feel new to patients at first. To adjust to the changes quickly and effectively, patients should not hesitate to ask anything to their obesity surgeon and their medical consultant. Being familiar with what to expect makes the whole procedure much easier.

Your surgeon will inform you about everything you need to be careful with before the weight loss surgery; when the pre-operation instructions are followed carefully, it contributes a lot to the results and a comfortable recovery.

During your pre-operation step, also your itinerary details will be organized. Mono arrival team arranges all the accommodation reservations, hospital appointments, airport and inner city transfers and check-up appointments for you; you just need to buy your flight tickets!

3.   Weight Loss Procedure

After international patients arrive Turkey, all of the blood tests and necessary medical examinations are done before the procedure.

The weight loss surgery procedures are performed under anesthesia; patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The medical techniques and technologies used for weight loss surgeries are very advanced and serve very well for the safety and desired results for the patients.

Mono prioritizes the patients’ health and comfort; all the facilities arranged for your medical journey comply with high hygiene standards and fully equipped for your procedure. Throughout your medical journey, you will be provided with the best medical services performed by highly experienced and qualified medical team.

4.   Post-operation and Aftercare

Patients stay in the hospital under supervision for a required time for their weight loss procedure; afterwards they are provided with proper medications and necessary post-op instructions. They are regularly checked while they are resting in their comfortable accommodation by the expert and multilingual medical team and their surgeon.

Aftercare services are designed with the best quality services and facilities by Mono Obesity Surgery for the comfort of international patients; these early days of recovery period are important for the rest of the period and patients should feel comfortable.

Before going back to their home countries, international patients are provided with all the necessary medications, nutrition plans and instructions for the rest of the recovery period.

5.   Long-term Check-Ups

Although the recovery period of weight loss surgery is very comfortable, patients need some time until they achieve the final results of their surgery. During this time, online check-ups are very beneficial for patients to go through this process smoothly. Mono Obesity Surgery medical consultants will regularly check the progress and well-being of the patients after they get back to their home country by the time they achieve their final results.

After patients get back to their home country, one of the most important point is to follow the special nutrition plan that is designed by professional nutritionists of Mono Obesity Surgery for their individual condition. Nutrition plans are beneficial and supportive in many aspect during the post-operative period; they help body to adjust the alterations done with the surgery more quickly, minimize the side effects, help patients to achieve weight loss more quickly and healthily and support a good start for new and heathier eating habits that are essential for the maintenance of the weight loss surgery results.

Every step of weight loss surgery is very important to achieve the healthiest and the most desired results. Mono Obesity Surgery does not leave its patients alone in any step of the weight loss surgery journey.  Mono Obesity Surgery provides patients with the most effective weight loss surgery results, comfortable treatment journeys and the most affordable gastric bypass cost in Turkey; get in touch to get more information in a detailed online consultation.

Weight Loss Surgery Costs

While today weight loss procedures are very prevalent throughout the world, it requires a detailed search to find a treatment option that is both very successful and affordable. Weight loss surgery prices are one of the most common concerns of patients who would like to reach their ideal weight with these procedures. As the price rates are often very high in many countries, those seeking an advantageous weight loss treatment option very commonly prefer to have their procedure in Turkey. Weight loss surgery in Turkey offers patients high medical expertise level, years of experience in obesity treatments, high quality of medical facilities and services, opportunity to have a nice holiday in a beautiful country while having their procedure and also very low package prices that cover all the necessary details of their medical journey.

Mono Obesity Surgery is proud to be the first address for those looking for a weight loss surgery in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does gastric bypass give permanent results?

Gastric bypass is an irreversible surgery which gives permanent results as long as the post-op instruction are followed closely. Patients should adopt a healthy lifestyle after procedure to preserve the results.

2. How much weight I can lose with gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass is a very effective surgical procedure; the amount of weight loss can change depending on the patients however, patients lose around %70-80 of the excess weight within the first year.

3. Will I suffer from permanent hair loss after gastric bypass surgery?

Patients may experience hair loss starting from the 3rd or 4th month after the surgery which may last for couple of months; the reason is the deficiency of vitamin, zinc, iron and biotin. This condition is very natural as the body goes through a major change with the surgery; hair loss is not permanent and the hair gets back to normal after your body adapts itself to the change.

4. When can I get back to work after my weight loss procedure?

The recovery time can vary depending on the type of weight loss procedure; for surgical weight loss procedures, most of the patients feel good enough to get back to their regular routine and work in a week after the operation. If patient had a non-surgical weight loss procedure, they can get back to work on in a day.

5. When can I get pregnant after weight loss surgery?

For the well-being of the patients and their children, it is not recommended to get pregnant for a year after the surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

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