Is Sleeve Gastrectomy Reversible?


It may take some time before you decide to have the sleeve gastrectomy procedure. You should do your research carefully. ‘is sleeve gastrectomy reversible?‘ frequently asked questions. In this post, we will discuss whether the sleeve gastrectomy procedure is reversible or not. Keep reading!

How Does Sleeve Gastrectomy Work?

To summarize the sleeve gastrectomy work, it’s ultimately released by separating it from the fatty tissues around your stomach by various methods. A guide tube called a bougie is then inserted into your stomach. With devices called staplers, which make titanium-based staples (these staples are then entirely fused with the tissue), 80% of your stomach is stapled and cut, starting from the area close to the pylorus which is the exit door of your stomach. A stomach with a volume of 100-150 ml is then formed in the form of a tube. The cut part of your stomach is taken out of your body.

After sleeve gastrectomy, weight loss is rapid in the first three months, especially in the first month. Since you lose weight very quickly during this period, you will be well motivated and follow the recommendations. However, some patients may ignore the recommendations as they lose weight without doing sports during this period. Therefore, in the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, it is highly recommended to follow the nutritional and sports recommendations in terms of adaptation to the future and weight loss.

Although your weight loss rate slows down after the third month, it continues to decrease until the first year. The most crucial gain in the sleeve gastrectomy procedure is that there is no change in the natural way of your digestive system. Your hunger is suppressed for a long time as the part that releases the ghrelin hormone that triggers your feeling of hunger is removed. Your tummy doesn’t want too much. 

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a more straightforward operation than other procedures, and its duration is shorter. Compared to other procedures, vitamin and mineral deficiency is much less common. After this procedure, your weight loss continues for about 1 to 1.5 years. If you gain weight again after the procedure, you can easily be converted to another surgery.

Why is Sleeve Gastrectomy Reversible?

Two different scenarios will lead to the reversible of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure:

  1. Severe heartburn: Although a minimal number of patients, some patients may develop severe heartburn after sleeve gastrectomy surgery that does not respond to powerful antacid drugs. This side effect is most commonly seen in patients with severe daily heartburn before starting the sleeve gastrectomy procedure.
  2. Insufficient weight loss: There is also the option of performing a second-stage procedure such as a duodenal switch for additional weight loss in patients who can lose insufficient weight after sleeve gastrectomy.

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