Is Bariatric Surgery Safe?


Like many people struggling with obesity, you know how effective bariatric surgery is in weight loss. The frequency of the procedure is increasing day by day, making it possible to lose a great deal of weight. It is perfectly normal to have various doubts about these operations. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘is bariatric surgery safe’. In this article, we’ll see if bariatric surgery is safe. Keep reading!

Is Bariatric Surgery Risky?

Bariatric surgery, like all other surgical procedures, carries certain risks. For example, bleeding, respiratory problems, embolism and allergic reactions to anaesthesia are risks that should not be ignored. At this stage, the technique of the operation is also essential. Recently renewed bariatric surgery techniques have increased the comfort of patients. However, the main thing you need to know about this procedure is that the risks of bariatric surgery can be easily reduced.

Before the procedure, you should clearly explain your expectations. Thus, it is inevitable that you don’t have a health problem that may prevent the operation. This can eliminate many of the risks associated with bariatric surgery. Our experienced surgeons also significantly reduce the risk of the process.

What are the Risks of Bariatric Surgery?

  • There is only a 0.1% risk of death after bariatric surgery. This problem can be life-threatening if you have bleeding or any other side effect. If you notice these side effects, our surgeon can correct the problem with surgical intervention.
  • Since this procedure is in the category of major surgeries, it brings with it certain risks. Your weight and age can also affect the ratio of these risks.
  • The mortality rate in bariatric surgery, which is one of the surgeries with the lowest risk of death compared to other major surgeries, is meagre.
  • Another critical risk of bariatric surgery is skin sagging after surgery. If this sagging skin doesn’t disappear with exercise, you will need a new surgical intervention.
  • Although the risk rate of this procedure is low, the postoperative period can be extended. You must diet and exercise regularly for several years after surgery. Also, you have to be careful about many things.
  • Although the risk of death is low, you should definitely find a reliable place and an experienced doctor for bariatric surgery, one of the procedures where deaths can occur. Our surgeons, who are very experienced in this business, directly impact minimizing your risks before and after the surgery.
  • Another risk after this surgery is that you gain weight again when you don’t pay attention to nutrition.

Should You Worry About the Safety of Bariatric Surgery?

Due to frequently asked questions about the safety of bariatric surgery, scientists have started to conduct new research on this subject. Many studies have pointed out that operations within the scope of bariatric surgery are safe. Remember to review such scientific studies and review your expectations when deciding whether the bariatric procedure is safe for you.

In this process, you can reach us at any time and ask all your questions to our experienced surgeons.

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