intragastric balloon weight loss


nonsurgical weight loss balloon

The non-surgical weight loss balloon is an alternative to bariatric surgery in overweight people who do not indicate surgery. Besides, in some cases, a gastric balloon can help super obese patients lose weight during surgery preparation. Most patients can lose 10-30% of their total body weight, depending on their initial weight.

intragastric balloon weight loss

The application takes about 20 minutes, and then an x-ray is taken. The location of the balloon is confirmed with the x-ray taken. Then water is filled into this balloon. After the balloon is inflated with filled water, the catheter is removed from the mouth. It is highly preferred because it is a process that can be done without the need for anything extra.

non surgical weight loss balloon

It is frequently preferred as it is the least risky among all obesity surgeries. Since there is no need to apply an extra process, its application is much easier than other processes. Besides, there is almost no risk factor in the case of the application of a swallowable gastric balloon.

balloon gastric bypass

As it is known, the purpose of gastric balloon application is to reduce the internal volume of the stomach and limit the amount of food intake. A typical human stomach has an average volume of 1-1.5 liters. Stomach balloons can be filled with liquid/air up to 700-900 milligrams. Consequently, it may not be correct to give a fixed rate. However, given an average figure, it corresponds to 1/3 or half of the stomach volume.

balloon in the stomach to lose weight cost

A protocol in the form of gastric balloon cost calculation is out of the question. All balloons have different prices, regardless of their size, depending on the duration they can stay in the stomach (6 months-1 years) and their adjustable feature.

balloon stomach procedure cost

For this reason, it would not be appropriate to give you a price. The pricing you will get after talking to your doctor will be much more accurate.

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