Gastric Balloon Procedure


Gastric Balloon Procedure

Nowadays, the gastric balloon is one of the most effective weight loss methods against obesity. The gastric balloon is one of the most effective weight loss methods against obesity today. The gastric balloon procedure starts with local or general anesthesia, so that anesthesia may vary according to the patient’s request. Then, within the endoscopic recording, the doctor leaves a deflated balloon in the patient’s stomach. The doctor then inflates the balloon in the patient’s abdomen.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

The swelling of this balloon varies according to the patient’s wishes. If the balloon is too swollen, there will be less space in the patient’s stomach. Thus, the doctor adjusts the balloon’s inflation to determine the maximum amount of food that the patient can eat.

Endoscopic Balloon For Weight Loss

As the balloon release process is endoscopic, doctors do not make any holes in the patient. In this way, patients do not suffer after the procedure and can return to their regular life.

Balloon Bypass

Gastric Balloon procedure is not a permanent procedure, so doctors remove the balloon from the patient’s stomach at the end of 6-12 months. Therefore, patients should continue their diet after the balloon in their stomachs is gone. Thus, they can have a healthy life by maintaining their weight.

Saline Balloon in Stomach

Usually, doctors fill the stomach balloon with saline solution. This solution contains a blue serum. In this way, if the balloon leaks in the future, the patient’s urine changes color. Thus, the patient can understand the leak and consult his doctor. In addition to the liquid solution, doctors can inflate the balloon in the stomach with air. In the air inflation method, the balloon can grow more. Thus, doctors can leave less space in the patient’s stomach. However, if the balloon leaks, the patient cannot notice this situation.

Balloon in stomach for weight loss cost

Cost of gastric balloon may change depending on many factors, please contact your clinic to find out.

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