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Obesity is a very common condition around the world causing people to suffer from many related diseases, low self-confidence, difficulties about physical activities and generally low life qualify. While it is often quite challenging to lose weight and reach the ideal weight by dietary plans, exercises or medications only, weight loss surgeries offer patients with excess weight a very successful and smooth solution for getting rid of the obesity. Life after obesity surgeries is much easy, comfortable and healthy for patients: the huge reduction of weight plays a big role and boosts the quality of life.

While the treatment options are very high in number around the world, obesity surgeries are a big part of medical tourism activities for patients who would like to achieve a more advantageous treatment option both in terms of prices and the quality. Therefore, in obesity surgery processes, online consultations carry a big importance.

It is now known all over the world that Obesity Surgery is the most effective method for permanent weight loss; One of the most frequently asked questions of patients considering these surgeries is “How will I decide which method is right for me?”.  The best way to find out about the most suitable and effective obesity surgery method for yourself and to make a good start for this life-changing medical experience is online consultations for international patients.

Free Online Consultations for The Most Effective Start to Obesity Surgery


Mono Obesity Surgery is proud to provide patients with the most well-organized and convenient obesity surgery Turkey experiences; Here is why it is best to start your medical experience with an online consultation with our medical consultants.

Detailed Information About Weight Loss Procedures

In Mono Obesity Surgery, all the most demanded weight loss procedures like gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric botox and gastric balloon are performed by highly experienced and extremely talented bariatric surgeon.

Our experienced and knowledgeable medical consultants are looking forward to give you further information about all the weight loss procedures; while the most common source of knowledge on these procedures is internet, it is not always the best way to obtain accurate information about procedures. Mono medical consultants will give you the most accurate and detailed information about weight loss procedures and stages.

Detailed Information About the Weight Loss Surgery Prices

While the medical tourism activities are becoming increasingly popular for weight loss procedures too, treatment prices are often the most common motivation for international patients to choose to have their operations in other countries that offer more advantageous prices.

Turkey has been on the top of the list of countries that are most preferred for obesity surgery options for a long time now. Obesity surgery in Turkey is advantageous in many terms besides the most affordable prices; patients prefer the country for an opportunity to have a very successful treatment with the best medical services and highest quality facilities and also enjoying their time while having their treatment in a very beautiful country.

Weight loss surgery prices are affected from many different factors other than the location of the procedure; therefore, it is not always possible to achieve an accurate information online about the prices. One of the important benefits of online consultations is that patients can find out about all the accurate and updated obesity surgery prices; during an online consultation, patients are also informed about what the treatment prices cover.

Mono Obesity Surgery sets the most affordable package price rates for weight loss procedures; our treatment packages are all-inclusive covering accommodation, airport and inner city transfers, nutrition plan, multilingual personal assistant, examinations and check-ups. Every part of the weight loss surgery journey is designed by the best facilities of the city for a smooth experience.

All of Your Questions Will Be Replied by the Qualified Team

In an online consultation with Mono Obesity Surgery, all of your specific questions are replied by the most experienced and qualified medical professionals.

Deciding on a bariatric surgery is a life-changing decision; having accurate and straightforward answers for the questions related to the bariatric surgery is a very important part of the medical experience as patients can feel much more comfortable and safe when there are no unanswered questions in their mind and thus the process goes more effective for them.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Every patient who decided to have a weight loss surgery to get rid of the excess weight and achieve a much healthier life has a different body structure; accordingly, the needs and expectations from the bariatric surgeries can vary from patient to patient.

There are many different type of weight loss procedures every one of which offer different advantageous for different patients; therefore, a personalized treatment planning is a very essential part of the weight loss process. Treatment planning mainly covers the medical history and current medical details of patients, prior operations, BMI value and chronic diseases; in the light of these information, the bariatric surgeon assesses the suitability for obesity surgery and advises the best suitable surgical methods that can give the most effective and healthy results for the individual obesity condition of the patients.

Mono Obesity Surgery effectively runs the treatment planning during online consultations; this way, patients become fully informed about what to expect from their procedure before travelling to Turkey and the most successful results for the different obesity conditions are achieved.

If you would like to initiate your advantageous and smooth weight loss surgery journey with an online consultation with Mono Obesity Surgery, fill up the consultation form above and one of our dedicated medical consultants will contact you immediately.

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