Diet Before Obesity Surgery?


Obesity surgery will radically change your lifestyle and diet. However, you need to create a diet routine before obesity surgery. During your pre-operative meetings with the nutritionist, a particular nutrition program is arranged for you, taking into account your lifestyle, eating habits, weight and medical conditions. This program that you will implement will prepare you for surgery and motivate you for this process.

This diet program that you will apply before obesity surgery will also minimize the risks of surgery. It will also help you spend the post-operative period much more comfortably. The type and duration of the diet will vary according to body mass index, the type of operation to be performed, your medical condition and your surgeon’s recommendation. This diet shows individual differences.

Why Diet Before Obesity Surgery?

The purpose of the diet you will apply before obesity surgery is as follows;

  • Reducing your body fat rate to a great extent
  • Minimizing your muscle loss
  • To help you prepare for your new diet after surgery
  • Reducing the risks associated with surgery
  • Making your post-operative recovery process much faster and smoother
  • Increasing your physical activity status

Although the rate and duration vary according to your physical and metabolic characteristics, you should have a protein-rich liquid diet on the last day before surgery on average. While your priority in your diet is protein-rich foods, you should also avoid foods with high fat and carbohydrate content. In this process, you should consume foods that are low in fat. This situation relaxes you by seriously reducing abdominal and liver fat.

Quitting simple sugary foods will also help reduce your liver volume and make your recovery faster after surgery. Since liquid foods leave your stomach much quicker, you can frequently consume liquid foods without restricting meals during this period.

Diet After Obesity Surgery

After you get through the surgery, a new process will await you by making the proper diet before the obesity surgery. In this process, where you will struggle with some troubles and problems from time to time, you need to continue without giving up. Thus, you will quickly see the changes that will occur in yourself over time.

In your initial period after obesity surgery, you should consume completely liquid foods as it was done a few days before the surgery. Puree, soft-solid and solid periods will follow immediately after this process. However, these processes will occur under the surgeon’s guidance, entirely according to your personal characteristics and response to the treatment. The most critical point in this process is the nutritional value your body needs to meet your needs. Of course, the most vital factors during the diet will be protein and fluids.

You should definitely stay away from sugary, fatty and intense carbohydrate-containing foods that you started to avoid before obesity surgery. You should drink a minimum of 3 litres of water daily and eat small portions frequently so that your stomach can get used to its new form.

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