Stomach Bypass Cost

The average cost of stomach bypass surgery depends on the clinics’ system. It is one of the best weight loss surgical procedures and helps you lose weight by changing your stomach’s shape. If you are dealing with a health problem because of your weight, you may consider a stomach bypass operation. To learn the stomach bypass cost, please get in touch with the clinic you consider before you go.

Private Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass operation is done by removing the portion of your stomach, and it is also available privately. Still, its cost can be expensive because, as the name implies, everything will be prepared and done for you privately.

Gastric Bypass Band

Gastric band surgery is a type of weight loss, or you can consider bariatric surgery. A gastric bypass band creates a small pouch at the top of your stomach. When you eat food, this part of the stomach fills up quickly, making you feel full for longer hours—helping you lose weight while reducing the amount of food you consume.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve Cost
Gastric Bypass Sleeve Cost

Cheap Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is the most commonly performed surgery for weight loss. The cost and general procedures of gastric bypass depend on the clinic you choose. For cheap gastric bypass, compare the clinics according to their services and qualities.

Stomach Bypass Cost

A stomach bypass procedure is done by creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach, and this small pouch is connected to your small intestine. Stomach bypass cost varies from clinic to clinic, and do not forget clinic selection as important as the surgery.

Weight for Gastric Bypass

A gastric bypass is a fine option for those who have the struggle to lose weight properly. After the surgery, you can lose up to 80 percent of your excess body weight.


Sleeve weight loss

Gastric sleeve surgery can become a necessity rather than a preference for many obese patients who cannot lose weight naturally and whose weight is a danger to their general health. Patients who pay attention to their nutrition and lifestyle after tube stomach surgery, which is applied to lose excess weight quickly and regress health problems that pose life threats, enter a rapid weight loss process.

Gastric sleeve is it safe

Gastric sleeve surgery has certain risks like all other surgical operations. An increase in sleeve gastrectomy operations in recent years increases the comfort of patients. You can reduce the main thing to know about the risks of sleeve gastrectomy.

Sleeve weight loss

Patients can achieve 50% weight loss in the first year after sleeve gastrectomy. Weight loss continues for about two years after the surgery. There is also improvement in diseases such as hypertension and type-2 diabetes after tube stomach surgery.

Gastric sleeve stomach

Gastric sleeve is a closed technique operation. It is a painless operation with a short healing process. Before sleeve gastrectomy, detailed examination, endoscopy, ultrasound, blood tests, and metabolic evaluation tests are performed on the patient.

Gastric sleeve op

The postoperative process is more comfortable thanks to laparoscopic surgery. While less pain is felt due to small incisions, faster recovery is achieved. It is necessary to stay in the hospital for three days after the operation. After the controls and tests are good during this time, the patient can go home.

Gastrointestinal sleeve

After the surgery, you should follow the nutrition program given by the doctor. Within this program, patients should not consume high-calorie, spicy, and very fatty foods, and desserts should be tasting rather than satisfying. At the same time, you should not consume acidic and carbonated drinks. Also, these drinks can cause reflux or cause the stomach to grow again.


Sleeve Procedure for Weight Loss

A sleeve procedure is a surgical operation that reduces weight loss by limiting the amount of food you consume. A sleeve procedure for turkey weight loss is usually performed laparoscopically, and the surgeon removes 80 percent of the stomach. The percentage may change depending on your condition. After this procedure, the stomach takes the shape of a tube or sleeve, and it helps to hold much less food.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve Cost

Vertical sleeve surgery is about reducing slowly to three or four ounces of the size of your stomach. This procedure restricts the amount of food you can consume to help you lose weight. Vertical gastric sleeve cost changes depending on the patients’ health condition and the clinics’ systems.

Gastric Operation Weight Loss

Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve operations are one of the surgeries that lose weight in the best way. The patients who have health problems related to their weight can undergo this operation after consulting the doctor, begins to lose weight at a certain level even the day after the operation.

Gastric Sleeve Doctors

Gastric sleeve doctors play an important role in reaching success. Many of them offer diagnosis and treatment services, which you can find just by looking their qualifications and certficates and feedbacks of their patients about the operation on their website.

Sleeve Procedure for Weight Loss

Sleeve procedure for weight loss helps losing weight even in the first 2 weeks after the surgery. The procedure is about reducing the size of your stomach to restrict your food intake.

Gastric Sleeve Procedure

A gastric sleeve procedure is a surgical option that induces weight loss by reducing your stomach’s size to restrict the amount of food you consume. This procedure is performed laparoscopically by using small instruments through multiple small incisions in the upper abdomen.



Pros of gastric bypass

The way to combat excess weight is often through surgical interventions. Overweight is that the body mass index is about forty and above. Since the main reason underlying body mass indexes at this level are health problems rather than eating disorders, it is not possible to obtain a definitive solution with sports and diets.

Gastric bypass doctors near me

After the gastric bypass operation, a leak test can be performed in the first days of nutrition, and if there is no problem, liquid nutrition is supported. In this process, where dietitian support is also taken, nutrition is provided with mashed foods for two weeks. You can get information about all these issues from a doctor near you.

Gastric bypass and sleeve

Compared to gastric bypass surgery, you experience slower weight loss in gastric sleeve. Gastric bypass, on the other hand, is a two-stage surgery. As we said, and it has a higher risk of complications than the tube stomach. Recovery is longer than tube stomach surgery. Since the absorption of nutrients and vitamins will decrease, it may cause some deficiencies.

Pros of gastric bypass

  • Weight loss effect is more than tube stomach.
  • The rate of recovery from concomitant diseases is higher than the gastric sleeve.
  • It causes both eating restriction and absorption disorder.

Gastric sleeve of bypass

Bypass application is a popular application in obesity surgery, enabling the use of video cameras, surgical telescopes, and surgical instruments required for the operation by making small incisions on the skin with the laparoscopy method.

Gastric bypass cost

If you are not getting results from your weight loss efforts and gaining more than the weight you lost, and having a body mass index of at least 35. It is possible to lose excess weight. Mono Obesity Surgery will help you reach your ideal weight with non-surgical obesity treatment and bariatric surgery.


Abdominal Sleeve

Abdominal sleeve surgery is a surgery that has become popular in obesity surgery. In sleeve surgery, doctors cut and reduce the patients’ stomach. Thus, patients start to eat less food since they have a small stomach. Then, patients begin to lose weight. That is why gastric sleeves help patients lose weight.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve

In the gastric sleeve, doctors use a tube to determine the size of the stomach. Before surgery, doctors send this tube to the patient’s abdomen. Then, in the surgery, the doctors cut the patient’s stomach. With a unique tool, doctors cut the patient’s stomach and sew the patient’s stomach simultaneously. That is why the risk of bleeding is very low in this sleeve.

Abdominal Sleeve

A gastric sleeve is a laparoscopic operation. Doctors make one or two small holes in the abdomen of patients. Then, doctors insert several surgical instruments and cameras through these holes. That is why the doctors can meticulously see the inside of the patient. Without making mistakes, doctors perform the sleeve operation.

Gastric Bypass and Sleeve

Gastric bypass and sleeve are different from each other and have similar features. In both surgeries, doctors cut most of the patient’s stomach. However, doctors do not remove the patient’s stomach from the patient’s body in bypass surgery. In sleeve surgery, doctors remove the patient’s stomach from their bodies after cutting it.

Gastric Sleeve and Bypass

The most important difference of gastric bypass is that bypass surgery reduces food absorption. In gastric bypass surgery, doctors shorten the path between the stomach and intestine. Thus, gastric bypass reduces food absorption of patients. There is no such procedure for gastric sleeve surgery.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve

After both operations, patients have to diet. Gastric bypass and sleeve surgeries are supplementary to diet. Sleeve and bypass operations alone do not make patients lose weight. That is why patients make it a habit to consume healthy foods.




Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is an obesity surgery. In gastric sleeve surgery, doctors cut a large part of the patient’s stomach. Thus, the patient starts to eat less. Then the patient naturally begins to lose weight. The purpose of lap sleeve gastrectomy surgery is to help the patient lose weight quickly.

Gastrisk Sleeve

A gastric sleeve operation starts with the doctor giving anesthesia to the patient. Then they make a few punctures in the patient’s abdomen. Doctors insert a few surgical instruments and a camera through these holes. The camera helps the doctors to perform the surgery comfortably. Doctors perform the surgery by looking into the patient with a camera. Then the doctors cut the patient’s stomach.

Gastric Sleeve Prices
Gastric Sleeve Prices

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Doctors send a tube to the patient’s stomach before the surgery begins. Thanks to this tube, doctors adjust the size of the patient’s stomach. Thus, doctors can cut the patient’s stomach more quickly. Doctors remove this object from the patient’s abdomen after surgery. Therefore, patients do not live with a tube in their stomachs.

Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy

After gastric sleeve surgery, patients have to diet. Patients can gain weight if they do not diet. Gastric sleeve is an auxiliary surgery to diet. Therefore, doctors prepare a diet list suitable for patients. If patients follow this diet list, they can quickly lose weight.

The Sleeve Clinic

Sleeve clinics contain the latest technology surgical instruments and a team of specialist doctors. Thus, doctors operate on patients with a high success rate.

Gastric Sleeve Cost Near Me

Patients should contact the clinic to learn about gastric sleeve surgery fees. The clinic’s phone number is available on the clinic’s website. Patients can contact the clinic by calling. Another option is to send a message to the clinic via WhatsApp. Therefore, patients can get to the clinic by either method.


Gastric Sleeve Bypass

Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery are both effective weight loss surgeries. In both surgeries, doctors make a few small holes in the patient’s abdomen. Thus, doctors can easily insert surgical instruments into the stomach of patients. Doctors then carry out surgical procedures.

Gastric Bypass Eller Sleeve

The common point of gastric sleeve and bypass surgeries is that doctors cut most of the patients’ stomachs. Thus, patients continue their lives with a small stomach. Therefore, patients start to eat less. In other words, the aim of both surgeries is for patients to eat less. Thus, patients begin to lose weight.

Gastric Sleeve Bypass

In gastric bypass surgery, doctors bring the patient’s stomach closer to the intestine. Thus, doctors reduce the food absorption of patients. There is no reduction in food absorption in gastric sleeve surgery.  In this case, doctors may recommend different weight loss techniques to patients. Patients can consider this feature without choosing surgery.

Sleeve to Bypass

After gastric sleeve and bypass surgery, patients have to diet. Both surgeries help patients’ diets. The important thing is that patients are following their diets correctly. That’s why doctors prepare a diet program suitable for patients. If patients do not diet, they may not be able to lose weight. Moreover, patients can start to gain weight.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve Cost

For gastric bypass sleeve prices, patients should contact the clinic. Patients can easily find the contact addresses of the clinic on the clinic website. Telephone numbers and live support are available on the clinic website. Therefore, patients can call the clinic. Another option is that patients can send a message to the clinic.

Gastric Bypass Clinic Near Me

Patients may need to go abroad for gastric bypass surgery. In these situations, patients should consider their health. Therefore, patients should not be afraid to go overseas. Please get in touch with Mono Obesity Surgery for the best gastric bypass treatments with most affordable results.


Gastric Bypass For Obesity

Gastric bypass is a very effective method for obesity treatment. In this method, doctors cut a part of the patient’s stomach. Thus, patients have a small stomach. Therefore, patients start to eat less. Then they begin to lose weight.

Gastric Bypass For Obesity

In gastric bypass surgery, doctors make a few holes in the patient’s abdomen. They then insert surgical instruments and a camera through these holes. Thus, they can perform the surgery meticulously. Doctors then cut most of the stomach. After that, doctors shorten the distance between the intestine and the stomach. Thus, doctors reduce the patient’s food absorption.

Gastric Bypass Price

The best method to find out about gastric bypass prices is to contact the clinic. Patients can access the contact addresses of the clinic from the clinic website. They can call by phone. Also, patients can send messages via WhatsApp. In this way, clinical staff can answer all questions of patients.

Cheap Gastric Bypass

When contacted with clinical staff, patients can learn about affordable prices for operations. After the doctors know the patient, they can also suggest different weight loss methods to the patients. Therefore, patients need to contact their doctor.

Gastric Bypass Doctors

Clinics have specialist doctors and equipment for gastric bypass. Doctors work with the utmost care and safety. Therefore, patients do not have to worry about surgery. After surgery, doctors continue to take care of their patients. That’s why doctors always support their patients.

Gastric Bypass Doctors in My Area

Every patient may want to go to a nearby clinic for surgery. It is usual for patients to want this. However, as it is about health, patients should not be afraid of going abroad. It is up to the patients to search and find the best clinic and the best doctors.



Weight loss sleeve cost

A weight-loss sleeve is for obesity treatment. The operation process is comfortable, and the complication rate is relatively low. It is still the most common weight loss surgery in the world. One of the most curious issues for those who want to have this surgery is weight loss sleeve cost.

Weight loss sleeve cost

Since different procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric balloon, and lap-band answer the needs of the different obesity conditions, the cost of them varies. Besides the difference between different weight loss treatments; Whether the person is suitable for bariatric treatment, their medical history and expectations also matter.

Lap gastric sleeve

The operation is performed under full anesthesia and a closed (laparoscopic) surgical technique. The doctor performs the operation with a rod-shaped camera and rod-shaped instruments inserted through small holes into the abdomen. Doctors use automatic punching-cutting devices (staplers). Also, the Doctor separates and removes the curved part (approximately 70-80%) of the stomach.


The doctor does the surgery under general anesthesia. The operation takes an average of 45 minutes. After the cutting process is completed during the operation, the security is checked by performing a leak test (blue dye test) according to the surgeon’s preference.

Stomach sleeve operation

After anesthesia is given to the patient, carbon dioxide gas is given to the surgery site with a thin needle. The purpose of this is to separate the organs from each other. The surgeon removes 80% of the stomach to achieve the smaller size of it.

Gastric sleeve price

The pricing of this surgery is a very conceivable question. There may be changes in prices in this surgery, from the doctor’s experience and during the surgery to the hospital’s time. If you have questions about this surgery, you can contact Mono Obesity Surgery.


Vertical gastric sleeve cost

Obesity is increasing day by day globally and does not let any other diseases to be the disease of our age. According to current statistics, obesity ranks second among preventable diseases that cause death. Vertical gastric sleeve operation is the most commonly used obesity surgery method in recent years in the fight against obesity.

Cheap gastric sleeve

Stomach surgery prices are depending on the clinic, hospital, or location. Therefore, the best thing to do about this subject; is a detailed research. The important thing is the experience of the clinic and physicians on this subject. Vertical gastric sleeve cost should be the second priority after these.

Affordable gastric sleeve

Stomach reduction surgery price can change depending on the clinic, patient’s condition, Length of stay in the hospital, Operation process, Stomach reduction type depend on the surgeon’s experience. The factors affecting the cost of stomach reduction may take between 1.5 and 4 hours, depending on the operation’s difficulty.

Gastric sleeve weight loss by month

During the first month, patients can expect an average weight loss of up to 12 to 15 pounds. Although it is not correct to give specific numbers about this situation, Of course, all of these calculations and approaches can be concluded by proper diet of the person and adhering to variables such as diet & exercise.

Weight for gastric sleeve

People with a Body Mass Index of over 40 or over 35 and having additional health problems due to excess weight can be suitable for gastric sleeve surgery. The most active component of this surgery is a body mass index of 35 or more.

Vertical gastric sleeve cost

The first question that comes to patients’ minds in such surgeries is vertical gastric sleeve cost.  If you have any questions about stomach surgery, you can contact Mono Obesity Surgery.



Sleeve Weight Loss

Gastric sleeve weight loss methods are suitable for obese people with a body mass index over 40. In gastric sleeve surgery, doctors cut a large part of the patient’s stomach. Thus, the patient eats less food because he has a smaller stomach. The patient starts to lose weight because he eats less food.

Gastric Sleeve Stomach

Before the operation it is very important to have detailed consultation with the bariatric surgeon about the current medical condition, medical history and previous operations and diseases that patients experienced. The consultation is important to decide on the complete suitability of patients for the surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Op

In gastric sleeve operation, bariatric surgeon makes several holes in the patient’s abdomen. Then, through these holes, doctors insert small surgical instruments into the patient. Thus, doctors cut the patient’s stomach. Surgeons also cut out the appetite area in the patient’s abdomen with this surgery.

Sleeve Weight Loss

After the operation, the patient must follow a diet. Gastric sleeve surgery allows patients to diet easily. In the first month, the patient should only eat liquid and puree. Then the patient can eat normally. However, the patient should always pay attention to a healthy diet. If patients do not diet, they can gain weight.

obesity clinic turkey
obesity clinic turkey

The Sleeve Clinic

Turkey has the best clinical gastric sleeve. Therefore, many patients from abroad, even when it comes to Turkey gastric sleeve surgery. While patients are in Turkey, they can both travel and have affordable gastric sleeve surgery.

Sleeve Clinic

Gastric sleeve clinic in Turkey has the latest technology expert team of doctors and surgical instruments. For more information about the gastric sleeve clinic, patients can call Mono Obesity Surgery and also can send messages on WhatsApp. Our medical consultants provide detailed online consultations for international patients looking for quality weight loss treatments.


Sleeve Procedure for Weight Loss

Sleeve gastrectomy is a popular choice for patients who have a weight loss problem. This treatment is also called a gastric sleeve. The sleeve procedure for weight loss is performed laparoscopically. The surgeon removes 75 – 80% of the stomach. The stomach taking on the shape of a “sleeve,” or a tube, which helps to hold much less food, reduces the body’s level of hormone.


Vertical Gastric Sleeve Cost


The outcome of vertical gastric sleeve surgery is often priceless: dramatic reductions in type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea, high blood pressure, along with the reduced risk of heart disease. Vertical gastric sleeve cost depends on the procedure, the clinic’s system, quality, and team.


Gastric Sleeve


Gastric sleeve operation is chosen to treat obesity; it is the most commonly performed weight loss surgery. There are plenty of options, but one option stands out: gastric sleeve. Gastric sleeve operation is done by stapling off a portion of the stomach and removing the excess. It turned from a pouch into a sleeve in the end.


Sleeve Procedure for Weight Loss


As obesity has become an inevitable problem for many people, they try to find different solutions besides diet and exercise. Sleeve procedure for weight loss has been proven to bring about remission of diabetes and increase weight loss.


Gastric Sleeve Doctors Near Me


If diet and exercise cannot help you lose weight, you may be looking for other solutions such as a gastric sleeve. To find gastric sleeve doctors near you is useful, but do not forget to search thoroughly before you go.


Gastric Sleeve Doctors


Doctors’ role is very important in the successful outcome of gastric sleeve surgery. The cost difference is certainly a factor to consider, but finding the most affordable clinic is important, and check out its gastric sleeve doctors before you choose. Do not forget to check out Mono Obesity Surgery and contact for an online consultation.



Gastric Bypass Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is a bariatric process; it is done by removing 75 – 80% of the stomach. Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular treatments for obesity. However, gastric bypass surgery is about detaching a large portion of the stomach chamber.

Bariatric Sleeve

The most common bariatric surgery is the gastric sleeve. It is also called sleeve gastrectomy. If you have a health problem because of your weight, you should see a doctor immediately, and the bariatric sleeve may help you with your problem. Do not forget that the surgery can be applied with experienced surgeons.

Sleeve Operation

Gastric sleeve operation is a surgical procedure that decreases weight loss by restricting food intake. The sleeve operation is done by removing larger part of the stomach and transformed into a tube form. The sleeve operation takes about 1 to 2 hours, and it is performed with closed method. After the operation, a patient can start consuming normal foods within 2 weeks.

Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Gastric sleeve is a surgical weight-loss procedure. This procedure is generally performed with closed methods, which involve small instruments through multiple upper abdomen incisions. During gastric sleeve, about 75 – 80% of the stomach is removed by the surgeons. This procedure limits the size of your stomach, which restricts the amount of food you can eat.

Sleeve to Bypass

After gastric sleeve surgery, if a patient gains weight, they may consider to have gastric bypass. Gastric bypass is a combination of malabsorptive and restrictive procedures. However, gastric sleeve is a restrictive procedure only.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve

Gastric bypass and sleeve procedures help you lose weight by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold. The most known bariatric surgery procedures are gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. The procedures cause malabsorption of nutrients or gastric restriction. They also cause hormonal changes.


Liverpool St Helens Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery presents for patients of Liverpool St Helens Gastric Sleeve, the most efficient medical gastric sleeve procedures over several years. Please contact us in a free online consultation for further details about the latest gastric sleeve price 2021.

Liverpool St Helens Gastric Sleeve highly trained and talented bariatric surgeons gives an incredible opportunity to easily decrease their weight by using the most efficient and healthy treatment for obesity.

Gastric sleeve surgery explained

Why should I choose gastric sleeve to lose weight?

Obesity patients face challenging lives in many ways. Better quality of living, improved physical health and psychological wellbeing will be attained within a very limited period after weight loss due to gastric sleeve surgery.

Liverpool St Helens Gastric Sleeve procedures are highly effective and safe, and patients feel good getting up and walking on the same day. There is no pain or discomfort during recovery after surgery.

Liverpool St Helens Gastric Sleeve plays an essential part in improving the dietary habits of patients. The reduction in stomach size decreases the food consumption of patients and considerably lowers their weight.

Liverpool St Helens Gastric Sleeve

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Reviews of Liverpool St Helens Gastric Sleeve patients

“Gastric sleeve did not only change my life in terms of my appearance; it changed everything including my physical health condition and psychological state. I am so thankful to everybody who helped me through this amazing experience, thanks a lot Mono obesity!”

gastric bypass surgery
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“I have lost 61 kg with gastric sleeve operation I had with the talented surgeons of Mono; I can say it completely changes you. The procedure is smooth but you should find the best clinic, I totally recommend Mono obesity, they were amazing in every step.”

how much is a gastric sleeve
how much is a gastric sleeve, gastric botox, london gastric botox, gastric sleeve prices uk


Gastric Bypass Sleeve Cost

Gastric bypass in Turkey is cost-effective when compared to the other countries. The average cost for gastric bypass turkey is about 6000 USD in Turkey. However, gastric sleeve is also a bariatric surgery via being the safest and effective weight-loss method. A quality gastric sleeve operation is also very affordable in Turkey.

Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Gastric sleeve is a type of weight loss surgery that involves laparoscopy to decrease the stomach’s size to reduce food intake by limiting stomach size. The surgery also provokes hormonal changes that help weight loss. These hormonal changes relieve conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Vertical Gastric Sleeve

A vertical gastric sleeve is a weight-loss surgery for patients who failed diets and exercises to lose weight. This surgery lowers the size of the abdomen and makes it a banana-shaped and sized stomach.

gastric operations
gastric operations

As a result of this decrease, surgery allows the reduction in the amount of food that stomach storage. However, for long term weight-loss after surgery; long-term healthy lifestyle is necessary to keep weight steady.

Abdominal Sleeve

Abdominal sleeve surgery is a kind of bariatric surgery that involves removing a big part of the stomach. Therefore, it decreases the stomach’s size to limit food that the stomach storages to a small amount.

weight loss balloon
weight loss balloon

Patients, who had gastric sleeve surgery, observe profound changes. These changes improve life quality by decreasing eating desire, reduced hunger sensation. These changes, of course, cause a visual weight loss of about one year.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve

Both gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery aims to achieve weight loss in patients. However, the surgery procedure is different than each other as well as the cost. Gastric bypass surgery creates a small pouch about an egg’s size and connects it to the small intestine. At the same time, gastric sleeve surgery removes a big part of the stomach to restrict stomach storage.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve Cost

The cost of gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve is cheap in Turkey compared to other countries. Therefore, Turkey is generally the preference of most patients worldwide.


Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery Clinic has the most developed clinical gastric sleeve treatments for the most successful obesity treatments offered for Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve patients over many years. Please get in touch with us for more information about the new 2021 price of the gastric sleeve in a free online consultation.

Highly qualified and extremely talented bariatric surgeons provide Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve patients with an amazing opportunity to lessen their weight quickly by taking advantage of the most effective and healthy treatment for obesity.

Why should I have gastric sleeve?

In many respects, obese people face difficult lives. Improved quality of life, improved overall health and psychological wellness can be accomplished within a relatively short time after the weight loss achieved thanks to the gastric sleeve operation.

Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve operations are highly efficient and reliable, and the patients feel comfortable to get up and walk on same day. There is no pain during surgery or healing and no discomfort in patients.

In changing the eating habits of patients, Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve plays an important part. The drop in stomach size eliminates patients’ caloric intake and significantly lower weight.

Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve

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Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve patient reviews

“I have lost 68 kg with my gastric sleeve obesity surgery, thanks to the expert surgeons of mono obesity clinic; I was assisted by the experienced and attentive mono team in every step of my operation; even months after the surgery, they are still checking me to see how I am doing. Thank you!”

Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve
Liverpool Halton Gastric Sleeve

“Mono obesity is the best clinic providing the best results, best services with the best staff! The operation was not like a surgery at all, everything was so comfortable and painless. I recommend Mono to everyone looking for an obesity surgery.”


Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve

A Lap gastric sleeve is an operation that helps obese patients lose weight. In gastric sleeve surgery, doctors make a few small holes in the patient’s abdomen. Turkey gastric sleeve Since the doctors do not entirely cut the patient’s stomach, the gastric sleeve is a closed surgery, so laparoscopic surgery. Therefore, patients do not feel much pain after surgery.


The doctor performs gastric sleeve surgery by inserting the camera and special surgical instruments through these holes; thanks to these, the operation is very safe and fully under the surgeon’s control.

Vertical sleeve

The doctor cuts most of the stomach except the gastric sleeve through the holes and takes it out of the patient’s body.

Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve

Then the doctor closes the gap and removes the gastric sleeve from the patient’s abdomen. So patients will not live with a tube in their stomach.

The Gastric Sleeve

After gastric sleeve surgery, the patient should not eat for the first two days. Then the patient only has to consume liquid and puree foods. At the end of 1 month, the patient can eat solid foods but must comply with the diet program. After the surgery, the doctor will give the patient a diet program.

Bariatric Surgery turkei
Bariatric Surgery turkei

The patient should adapt this diet program to his life. If the patients do not eat according to the diet program, they can gain weight again. Lap gastric sleeve operation makes it easier for patients to diet because they cannot eat more food when they are small.

Gastric Sleeve and Bypass

Gastric sleeve and bypass are different from each other. The surgery of the patient may vary depending on the patient’s weight and other health problems. Therefore, patients need an examination to find the surgery that suits them. Specialist doctors explain the patient’s possible risks and leave the choice between the two surgeries to the patient.



Gastric Sleeve Eller Gastric Bypass

Many surgical techniques have been described due to obesity surgery. The most performed operations are Sleeve Gastrectomy (tube Stomach = Stomach Reduction Surgery), which reduces stomach volume, and bypass operations that reduce food absorption and reduce stomach volume.

gastric bypass eller sleeve

In both surgical methods, short-term surgery methods with similar weight loss results in the first 1 to 1.5 years. In terms of long-term results, bypass surgeries seem a little more useful. Istanbul gastric sleeve However, bypass surgery has disadvantages such as shortcuts with small intestines, the need for lifelong vitamin support, vitamin B12, postoperative intraabdominal complications, and occasional bile reflux (bile in the mouth). Besides, Tube Stomach Surgery has disadvantages such as Reflux (bitter water in the mouth).

Bypass and sleeve

When you compare both operations’ complications, the rates of major complications are very close to each other. However, conditions such as atelectasis are slightly more common after gastric bypass surgery, intra-abdominal complications such as adhesion and internal herniation are more common in gastric bypass surgery. Leakage and infection rates are similar in both surgeries.

Gastrointestinal sleeve

When both operations were compared in terms of minor (minor) complications, it was revealed that they had similar risks. These minor risks are; bleeding, infection, reflux, wound infection, dysphagia (painful swallowing), vomiting, trocar site pain.

bariatric surgery turkey
bariatric surgery turkey

As a result; Tube Stomach and Bypass surgeries are surgeries with similar risks. However, the rate of dehydration (fluid loss), intestinal obstruction, and the need for re-hospitalization are more common in bypass surgery. For these reasons, it would be the right approach for the patient. The physician to decide which surgery should be performed. The experience of the physician is also important in this regard.

Bariatric sleeve cost

The opinions of the physician who performs both surgical methods and who has comparative knowledge and experience should be taken into consideration rather than a physician who performs only tube stomach or bypass surgery.

The cost of the treatment should be discussed after the suitable treatment technique is decided.


Gastric Bypass Eller Gastric Sleeve

Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve techniques are applied if a patient’s BMI is over 40 or above 35. During gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon divides the stomach into two parts. This procedure helps to lose weight by connecting the small intestine and the stomach. During the gastric sleeve procedure, three-quarters of the stomach is removed and takes a tube or sleeve shape.

Gastric Bypass Eller Gastric Sleeve

Both of them are popular surgeries and have advantages. Gastric surgery shows quick results, and patients lose about 70 – 80% of excess body weight after the operation. A gastric sleeve in turkey is not as effective as a gastric bypass and reduces 50 – 60% of the excess body weight.

Gastric Bypass of Sleeve

Gastric bypass of the sleeve is for obese people whose exercise and diet do not help lose weight. After the surgery, you may see some side effects, such as dumping syndrome, malabsorption, etc.

Sleeve of Bypass

After any gastric surgery, a patient has to carefully monitor what he or she eats. Patients have to cut on high-calorie and high-fat sweets and food. The proper nutrition plan for patients should be prepared by a professional nutritionist. The patient should chew the food well before swallowing. These kinds of rules apply to all weight-loss surgeries.

Gastric Sleeve of Bypass

From gastric bypass surgery to gastric sleeve, each type of surgery has its risks and benefits. When considering gastric sleeve surgery, you will need help to make the right decision for you.

Sleeve to Gastric Bypass

Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are very similar procedures. After the surgery, the patient has to stay at the hospital for 2 to 3 days in both cases.

London Kensington Gastric Sleeve
how much is a gastric sleeve, gastric botox, london gastric botox, gastric sleeve prices uk

The methods differ, but both help you lose weight by reducing the amount of food you can eat.



Gastric Operation Weight Loss

With the increasing number of obesity in recent years, a severe increase has been observed in obesity surgeries. One of the most applied operations among these increasing obesity surgeries is the Tube Stomach operation.

Weight loss with surgery

Tube stomach operation is a widespread practice. Of course, as in all surgical procedures, this operation also has potential risks specific to general surgery and this operation.

In this surgery, the veins on the broadside are cut first. Then, as a guide for calibration, a tube of a certain thickness is inserted through the mouth and passed through the pylorus at the stomach’s exit. Then the stomach is separated from the bottom upwards with a stapler at a distance of 2-3 cm from the pylorus. 


Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass

Patients should consult to their doctors to find out about gastric bypass after sleeve gastrectomy.

Gastric sleeve op

Approximately 80% of the cut and separated stomach is taken out. The punch line is left unchanged, or the stitch, cover glue, etc. supported by. We prefer to stitch. An average of 70-110 cc gastric tube is created. Testing is done with methylene blue and air. A drain is placed to discharge the debris and control it.

Bariatric Sleeve

To have obesity surgery, apart from BMI competence, it is necessary to be over the age of 11, have no alcohol problems, and 

Stomach sleeve

A special diet is applied for the first one month after sleeve gastrectomy. Liquid, puree, and soft diet are used, respectively. Dietitian control is essential during this period. Solid foods are started at the end of the first month. The day after the operation, water is created to be drunk and gradually increased. Protein support is given in the first month. The blood thinner injection, which was started one day before the surgery, is continued for at least ten days. 


Compression stockings are worn while undergoing surgery, and it is recommended to use them for at least ten days. In the first month, walking is recommended as a sport, gradually increasing the time and pace. Also, you can do aerobics, fitness, and swimming.

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Weight Loss Surgery Operation

If there is a problem that people from all over the world generally have recently experienced, it is obesity. Weight loss surgery operation has been confronting people with different types for many years with the recently developing technology. One of these is gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery performed under general anesthesia is a closed surgery.

Doctors cut out about 80% of the stomach and shape the stomach into a tube. The procedure takes place without cutting the skin on the stomach to perform the surgery. Only a hole smaller than one centimeter is drilled, and a part of the stomach is removed by entering through this hole with a special medical device. Since medical devices are used only once for each patient in this surgery, the risk of infection is not higher than the risk in all surgeries.

Can weight loss surgery help with diabetes?

Tube stomach surgery has been performed for many years, and the most suitable patients for this surgery are individuals with severe obesity. Those with obesity-oriented Type II diabetes, morbidly obese patients are suitable for sleeve gastrectomy. Patients with a BMI of over 40 related to metabolic disorders may have this surgery. For those between 30 and 35, the decision of the physician was the basis.

Can weight loss surgery cause mental illness?

Weight loss surgery operation is for getting rid of the damage caused by obesity. Of course, as in every operation, each operation has its problems, the most common of which are leakage and bleeding. These risks decrease as the experience and experience of the center increases. A serious preparation process before the operation also reduces these risks. But it does not cause mental illness. You just feel less hungry due to the shrinkage of your stomach. So you can have a weight loss surgery operation smoothly.



Weight Loss Surgery Istanbul

Weight loss surgeries represent an effective surgical phase to combat obesity. It is one of the most preferred obesity treatment methods. With these medical techniques, the stomach’s normal volume is reduced, less food consumption is provided, and a feeling of satiety is achieved. Weight loss surgery Istanbul surgery prices cannot directly be found on the internet.

When will insurance cover weight loss surgery?

Depending on the surgery type and your insurance type, weight loss surgery can be covered in some cases; please contact your insurance to find out about the details.

Why weight loss surgery?

Combined with a detailed treatment plan, bariatric surgery can be a useful tool to achieve long-term weight loss and improve your health quality.

Under normal circumstances, the patient can return to work after a week. The patient is already able to walk down the corridor the day after the operation.

Obesity surgery helps to improve or even eliminate many conditions related to obesity. Generally, patients need to use less medication after surgical treatment. Weight loss achieved with bariatric surgery will create exciting opportunities for you, your family, and, most importantly, your health.

When is weight loss surgery recommended?

Obesity and diabetes are the two most essential criteria in these surgeries. If the patient has severe diabetes, there are two surgeries that can be performed. One is sleeve gastrectomy, the other is gastric bypass surgery, which improves both obesity and sugar. There is also transit bipartition surgery in the pancreas that changes the pathways of the small intestines. Transit bipartition is mostly just surgery for sugar. But gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery also corrects glucose levels. They are beneficial, but every surgery has an advantage and disadvantage. Whichever method is more suitable for the patient; for example, if the patient is severely obese, sleeve gastrectomy may not be enough. For further information on weight loss surgery Istanbul, please contact us.


Weight Loss Surgery England

Obesity, one of the most important diseases that need to be treated properly, brings along many diseases that threaten health.

Today, the most effective treatment method for obesity is surgical interventions. We successfully perform obesity surgery, gastric bypass surgeries, gastric sleeve, stomach botox and gastric balloon application.

What are some weight loss surgery options?

Like all obesity and metabolic surgical methods, doctors perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery with the closed method, which we call completely laparoscopic. It is the transformation of the stomach into a tube by removing 75% of the stomach vertically.

The gastric balloon is one of the effective methods in the treatment of obesity. The balloon is designed to be placed deflated in the stomach, then filled and enlarged with saline to replace an artificial bezoar. As the balloon fills, it turns into a round shape. A self-closing cap allows easy removal of the externally inserted catheter. Its design allows it to adjust to 500-700 ml volume at the time of insertion. Although the treatment can provide weight loss of 20-25 Kg on average, balloon treatment is not permanent.

There is also a type of gastric bypass operation for the weight loss surgery England treatments. It is a surgery that both restricts the stomach volume and reduces the absorption of nutrients. It is also very effective in treating metabolic diseases related to obesity, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Are weight loss surgeries dangerous?

Gastric sleeve surgeries have been performed worldwide for more than 15 years for weight loss surgery England treatments. As with any surgical intervention, sleeve gastrectomy is based on a surgical operation, which involves certain risks. At the same time, there is the possibility of experiencing vascular occlusion, vomiting, nausea, infection of surgical cuts, or turning into a hernia, although it is rare. For this reason, it is not enough to have an experienced and careful physician. The patient should pay attention to wound care both before and after the surgery.





Weight Loss Surgery Clinic

Weight loss surgery; is the surgery performed to help people lose weight. There are many types of weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery can be applied when successful results cannot be obtained in obese patients after diet, exercise, and medication.

There are various surgical techniques used in obesity with the developing technology. The physician and the patient decide together on the choice of surgery according to the patient’s condition. You can contact the weight loss surgery clinic and get information about the appropriate surgery. You can have the surgery that suits you best. There is no reason to be afraid of weight-loss surgeries as they are performed by specialist doctors within the knowledge of your doctor.

How much is weight loss surgery?

How much is weight loss surgery is one of the issues on the agenda of those who have obesity problems. Although they usually want to know a transparent surgery fee, we need to state that the prices can vary. This surgery, which is one of the ideal weight loss methods for those who have obesity problems and cannot lose weight, remains the most common operation on the subject worldwide.

Gastric sleeve is a procedure based on removing 60% to 90% of the stomach. But this procedure is very easy for patients. After a short and comfortable recovery period, patients who continue their lives from where they left off also start to lose weight. Moreover, we will talk about how the process works in our clinic.

Weight loss surgery, how long does it take?

Since the stomach reduction operation is performed laparoscopically, with cameras and small holes, the healing process is also fast. Under normal conditions, it is sufficient for the patient to stay in the hospital for three nights. Recovery is very easy and short as well; patients feel good enough to continue with their daily life quickly.





Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is one of the biggest problems that a huge proportion of people suffer from. Having an overweight body will have some adverse effects on our body. It will have a strong negative effect on our looks. Obesity can be prevented by doing exercises and following a healthy diet. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, it can be very hard. To help you to lose your excess weight, there are different surgeries; all of which are called bariatric surgeries. Most of those surgeries aim to help the client to consume only enough amount of food. Even though there are different bariatric surgery procedures, most of their result ends with a smaller portion of the stomach.

Bariatric Surgery Diet

After bariatric surgery, the recovery time is very important to avoid any side effects caused after the surgery. First, you should follow your doctor’s instructions, and if you can’t, you should talk with a professional to learn what to do.

Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric Surgery

After the recovery, following a diet is very important since it is the key point to support your recovery and weight loss; this diet plan should be carefully prepared by a professional nutritionist. Patients should not create their own diet list because they may need to avoid some foods for a while, even after recovery.

Bariatric Surgery Types

While there are multiple bariatric surgery types, most common two are explained below.

Gastric Bypass

The operator creates a pouch-like spot in the client’s stomach and removes the excess area. After the operation, the client’s need to consume food will be less. This operation has a higher chance to get better results.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

The operator places a silicone band in the client’s stomach, preventing the client from consuming unnecessary food. The band’s tightness will be open to changes.


Weight Loss Surgery

In the treatment of obesity, surgeries have started to increase considerably recently. There is more than one Weight Loss Surgery such as bypass, sleeve, balloon. Among these slimming surgeries, you should decide on the most suitable one for you together with your doctor.

Who Cannot Have Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgeries cannot be applied to patients with severe heart, kidney, and lung diseases, and to those who have high risk for receiving general anesthesia. Also, doctors do not perform weight loss surgery for those with neurological and mental illnesses and those who cannot control their eating.

Besides, doctors do not recommend obesity surgery for patients with a body mass index below 35. They also do not perform obesity surgeries for those who are alcohol, drug, and substance addicts. It is not suitable to perform weight loss surgery on immobile patients.

How much weight can be lost with slimming surgery?

Weight loss after weight loss surgery varies from patient to patient. However, depending on the patient’s weight, it aims to lose the significant amount of the weight in the first months.

Generally, patients can get rid of 50 to 80 percent of their excess weight in the first year after sleeve gastrectomy.

The most decisive factors in weight loss are that the changes patient make on his/her old life habits after the operation. Patients should not skip any regular physician controls and pays attention to follow a healthy nutrition program. Patients who do these can lose more weight in a much shorter time and permanently maintain their ideal weight.

Diseases Caused by Obesity

Obesity is the first cause of many diseases in our lives. Especially cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, obesity creates metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome affects the vascular structure, and it is the underlying cause of many vascular pathologies that develop due to atherosclerosis.




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