Stomach Botox for Weight Loss


Stomach botox is one of the non-surgical weight loss methods. Overweight people who cannot lose weight with diets or exercises can opt for stomach botox. In stomach botox, doctors inject a toxin into the patient’s stomach muscles. Thus, the patient feels the need to eat less food. Therefore, stomach botox for weight loss is a useful method.

Gastric Botox


Gastric botox is not surgery. With the endoscopic method, doctors inject the toxin into the patient’s abdomen. Therefore, it is a suitable method for patients with fear of surgery. Stomach botox operation is not a process that takes as long as surgery.

Gastric Botox Injection for Weight Loss


Gastric botox reduces the contractions in the patient’s abdomen. Thus, the duration of digestion in the patient’s stomach increases. Therefore, the patient feels full for a long time. After the loss of appetite, patients can easily diet.

Stomach Botox for Weight Loss


Patients have to diet after stomach botox because stomach botox alone does not help the patient lose weight. Patients should make healthy eating a lifestyle. Thus, patients can healthily reach their ideal weight. Stomach botox helps patients to diet.

Stomach Botox Cost


The stomach botox cost is not exact. The best price learning method for patients is to contact the clinic. Patients can call the clinic via the clinic’s phone number. As another option, patients can send messages to the clinic via WhatsApp. Thus, they can learn all the information from the clinical staff.

Gastric Botox Cost


After the patients communicate with the clinic by phone, they can make an examination appointment from the clinic. Patients have the chance to meet face to face at the clinic. Thus, doctors can examine the patient. Doctors can recommend different weight loss methods for patients during the examination. Patients will again make the final decision on this matter. For international patients, Mono Obesity Surgery offers detailed online consultations; please do not hesitate to contact.


Gastric Botox Before and After

Stomach botox is applied by injecting a toxin that is derived from a bacterium into the muscles. Gastric botox is not enough for long-term weight loss without a proper diet. The botox’s effect is temporary; it helps you to lose weight, however the results are not long-term without patient’s effort.


Gastric Botox Injection for Weight Loss


Gastric botox injection for weight loss is mostly chosen by patients for those who do not want to have surgery. The procedure is done by injecting a botox into the muscles, resulting in temporarily paralyzing muscles. It is an effective method for weight loss—the dose of the botox and procedures of the surgery changes according to the patient.


Stomach Botox for Weight Loss


Stomach botox is helpful for those who cannot lose weight with diet and exercise. Stomach botox for weight loss is a revolution in the obesity treatment world, and it is a non-surgical operation. If you consider having stomach botox surgery for weight loss, it is essential to meet a specialist surgeon to examine your condition.


Stomach Botox Near Me


Stomach Botox is effective and non-surgical for obesity treatment, and if you consider getting stomach botox done, you may wonder about the clinics near you. There may be a lot of clinics to consider, but do not forget to research well to find the best one for yourself.


Gastric Botox Cost


Gastric botox prices are much lower than other bariatric operations because stomach botox is a non-surgical procedure, and it is applied by injecting botox into the stomach muscles. Prices change depending on the country, quality, clinic, and the patient’s condition.


Gastric Botox Before and After


Even though gastric botox’s effects are temporary, it helps you losing weight without any medical treatment. To choose the right clinic, please contact Mono Obesity Surgery and more information.



Gastric Botox Cost

In treating obesity, the search for an easy-to-apply, effective and safe treatment with a low complication rate continues. For this reason, Botulinum Toxin-Botox application into the stomach has been started since 1993 in patients who are not suitable for surgical intervention and cannot lose enough weight with diet and exercise. The operation becomes more demanded every day and gastric botox cost is one of the most affordable weight loss procedure cost.


Stomach Botox

The medical treatment form of Botulinum toxin type A neurotoxins produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum is called Botox. Botulinum toxin type A causes interruption of neural transmission between the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system by blocking acetylcholine release at the neuromuscular junction. Also, botulinum toxin type A provides its effect of reducing gastric emptying with its neurotoxin-related protein (NAPs) content.

Average Cost of Gastric Bypass

Gastric botox side effects

The effect of stomach botox lasts 4-6 months. There is no side effect or risk of stomach botox application. It is a reliable method with high success rates in the treatment of obesity. Also, patients can leave the hospital on foot 1-2 hours after the application. Rarely observed side effects after the application includes nausea, indigestion, and bloating.

The full effect of the drug in stomach botox disappears from the body within 4 – 6 months. Consequently, it is not likely to cause permanent damage.

Botox on stomach

In the endoscopy unit, botox injection is applied from different points into the stomach, accompanied by superficial sedation. There is no need for detailed preparation before the procedure. Studies have shown that large areas and multiple injections, including fundus or corpus instead of only the antrum, positively affect weight loss. The rate of significant side effects and complications in Botox application is extremely low. Also It is a very safe procedure. After the procedure, the patients return to their daily life immediately.


Stomach Botox cost

To find out the best gastric botox cost and the most quality treatment, please contact us.


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Gastric Botox Reviews

Gastric Botox is one of the weight loss methods for obese people who do not want to undergo surgery. Therefore, gastric botox reviews often consist of positive comments. One of the biggest reasons for positive criticisms is that gastric botox is not an operation. Some patients fear surgery, so gastric Botox is very suitable for these patients.

Gastric Botox Reviews

On the other hand, gastric botox does not have a permanent effect on patients. Therefore, patients prefer stomach botox. Gastric botox disappears from the patient’s body within six months. Therefore, patients do not have permanent risks.

Stomach Botox Reviews

In stomach botox, doctors inject a unique toxin into the patient’s stomach. Thanks to this toxin, the digestion of the sick stomach slows down. Thus, the patient has less appetite and needs to eat less food. Patients start to lose weight when they start eating less.

Liverpool Knowsley Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Botox Injection For Weight Loss

Patients must diet to lose weight in stomach botox. All weight loss methods include diet rules. Therefore, patients should support stomach botox with diet. Even after the stomach botox has lost its effect, patients should avoid unhealthy foods.

Gastric Botox Price

Patients can get the most exact information about stomach botox prices from the clinic. Therefore, there are two different options for patients. The first option is to come to the hospital and talk to the doctors to learn the price and get more information about gastric botox. The second option is for patients to understand information by calling the clinic on the phone.

Botox Stomach Injections Weight Loss

Stomach botox lasts for a maximum of six months. Therefore, patients should make a fast slimming plan within six months. As the patients approach their ideal weight, their weight loss rate will decrease. Patients should also make their plans according to this information.

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Stomach Botox Reviews

Stomach botox is a new method that has been used in the fight against excess weight recently. Thanks to this innovative application, the patient has the advantage of being able to diet more easily with the decrease of hunger.

Gastric botox reviews

Today, many people want to lose weight to have a more aesthetic appearance and a healthy and fit body. However, the number of those who cannot restrain their appetite and therefore cannot reach their ideal weight is considerably high. Well, what should we do for our overweight that we can never get rid of? Developments in health and medical aesthetics have revealed a brand new operation technique that has come to rescue those who cannot diet in recent years: stomach botox.

Stomach botox for weight loss reviews

After the stomach botox procedure, patients should be very careful about their nutrition. Patients start feeding 2-3 hours after the stomach botox procedure, but you should start with liquid foods. Patients should feed with liquid for the first three days after the procedure. In the following days, it is necessary to start feeding with protein-based foods as main and snacks. While protein foods leave the stomach in 4 hours, this period may take up to 12 hours for people who have had stomach botox.

Gastric botox before and after

Proteins are difficult to digest. Therefore, stomach passage is slow, and because they have fat-burning properties, they increase the effect of stomach botox during weight loss. Patients should focus on liquid and vegetable consumption after stomach botox. Especially in the first four months, they should consume a lot of fluid.

Stomach Botox Reviews
Stomach Botox Reviews

These drinks; can be water, unsweetened tea, herbal tea, soup. Sugary foods should not be consumed as sugar will reduce the effect of botox. Harmful foods such as acidic and fast food should not be consumed because they remain in the stomach for a long time and cause stomach diseases such as ulcers and gastritis. Patients should not consume foods with excessive fat and carbohydrate content. Patients should not consume carbonated and carbonated beverages such as cola, soda, mineral water. Avoid fruit juices with high acidity.

Gastric botox price

Gastric botox being one of the most affordable weight loss treatment can be offered in different prices depending on several factors; please contact us to find more about the cheapest gastric botox prices.


Botox in Stomach for Weight Loss

Botox application is relatively new than the old techniques, and it becomes more popular day by day. If you cannot reach your ideal weight with exercise and diet, you may consider surgeries for weight loss. Botox in the stomach for weight loss can be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Stomach Botox Side Effects

Using botox in the stomach to treat obesity helps to lose weight. Even though it looks simple, stomach botox has side effects too. Its side effects may be pain, swelling in the area, nausea, indigestion, etc.

gastric botox

Botox on Stomach

Botox on stomach surgery is a non-surgical procedure done by inserting Botulinum toxin with the help of modern devices, such as a camera. This technique is temporary, but it helps to lose weight by slowing down the movement of muscles.

Gastric Balloon Pris

The price for gastric balloon surgery depends on the patients’ condition, quality of the clinics’, doctors’ experiences, and more. Thus, we cannot say the exact price, but it is obvious that Turkey has the most affordable prices for a gastric balloon.

Stomach Botox

Stomach botox shows its effect by neutralizing the motor nerves and the smooth muscles of the stomach. Its effect can extend up to 6 months, but this technique is not a permanent solution. Stomach botox causes a relaxation in the stomach, making you feel full even after eating a small amount of food.

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Best Gastric Botox Doctors in Turkey

Not being able to lose weight is a significant problem for those who suffer from obesity. Due to health conditions, apperance, and many more problems, most overweight people are willing to lose weight. But sometimes, unfortunately, some of those people fail at following their diets. With different kinds of surgeries, there are ways to feel full faster or losing appetite. While it may sound unnecessary to most people, not everyone can lose weight in the usual ways. It can be due to genes or due to bad habits.

Leaving bad habits behind is a very hard thing to do, and surgeries like gastric botox and many more help people follow their diet to lose weight. There are also other options, but your doctor is going to decide which is the best for you. If you are not sure of your doctor’s experiment level, then you should search for opportunities in other countries like Turkey, which is quite a safe option with its experienced doctors and lower treatment prices.

In Turkey, the health system is working very well and relatively cheaper than in many other countries. If you are looking for a better treatment to help you, you should search about the best Gastric Botox doctors in Turkey before deciding.

Gastric Botox Injection

Gastric botox is one of those surgeries which aims to help the patients to lose weight easier. After the surgery, the patient will want to consume less food due to this surgery, and it will make things easier for them. Turkey offers a very well option for those who are willing to get gastric botox injection. With a lot of experience and development in the field of health, Turkey offers a lot of good options for those who want a better-quality offer.


Gastric Botox

People living sedentary, eating irregularly, not getting enough exercise, the stress in their work-life are more likely to experience excess weight problem. Because all of these are situations that negatively affect the body and harm even a healthy person, and weight problems may occur in some individuals. Again, as a result of some genetically emerging diseases, some people experience weight problems. For individuals to stay healthy, some medical treatment methods have been trying to pave the way for weight loss. One of these medical methods is gastric botox.

How Is Gastric Botox Made?

Gastric Botox is a painless procedure where gastric botox injection is performed orally with an endoscope. During the procedure’s application, general anesthesia is not needed, and this procedure is not considered a surgical intervention like other procedures applied for obesity treatment. This makes the applied method completely safe and reliable. The amount of botox applied to individuals varies according to the health status of the individuals.

The gastric botox process, which takes approximately 15 minutes to 30 minutes, does not cause any individual to feel any pain. Since this procedure is not a surgical intervention, it is impossible to make any incisions on the individuals’ bodies. Since it is an oral method, the patient is under surveillance for a few hours after the procedure is over.

Specialists usually use local anesthesia for gastric botox. Although the question of how to apply gastric botox is alarmingly curious, it is very safe considering its application method.

Side effects of Gastric Botox

Those who have stomach botox begin to see this method’s effects 2 to 3 days after the application.

There has not been a side effect of stomach botox so far. Doctors apply this procedure in a way that affects the smooth muscles in the stomach. Stomach botox does not adversely affect the nervous system or digestive system.

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