The gastric balloon procedure is an excellent practice to help you lose weight. However, like many people, you may be wondering if you will gain weight after a gastric balloon. This post will answer whether you gain weight after a gastric balloon in detail. Keep reading!

The gastric balloon is a surgical method constantly being developed to combat obesity. The success rate of this procedure, which specialists perform, varies according to the patients. However, there are also recorded postoperative weight gain cases. For this reason, you need to pay attention to some points after a gastric balloon. It is actually straightforward to answer whether weight is gained after a gastric balloon. Even if you have almost all of your stomach removed, if you don’t make your eating regimen suitable in the medium term and continue to eat before the surgery, you will gain weight. Gaining weight is one of your body’s natural but unhealthy reactions. If you take in more calories than you consume, they are stored as fat, as there is no mechanism by which the calories you take can be thrown away.

In other words, no matter how small your stomach gets, it isn’t possible to maintain your weight without adequate exercise and proper nutrition conditions. It doesn’t have any criteria such as before or after gastric balloon.

Why is Weight Gained After Gastric Balloon?

After gastric balloon, you are expected to lose at least half of your excess weight. This criterion is also considered in the post-operative period and after weight gain again. If your weight loss rate is 50% or more, the result is successful. However, your weight gain may be above the desired and predicted rate in some cases.

One of the reasons for this is that you return to your unhealthy and bad life habits. It should be noted that the gastric balloon procedure alone isn’t a definitive solution. After the operation, it is expected that you will be aware that you have stepped into a new life and that you will get rid of old behaviour patterns. In this sense, if you go back to bad eating habits and consume high-calorie, fatty, unhealthy foods and fluids, you can gain weight. Another reason why you earn more than desired weight is your metabolic problems.

Precautions To Take To Prevent Weight Gain After Gastric Balloon

You will tend to gain weight in general after a gastric balloon. While it’s normal to gain 5 to 6 pounds in this healing state, anything beyond that can cause long-term problems. To avoid this floating weight gain, you need to pay attention to some tricks. Here are the things you should pay attention to:

  • Don’t do intense exercise movements after the procedure. However, you can start light movements. It would be best to keep yourself active by moving to help replenish your metabolic system.
  • It may not be harmful to consume your favourite foods in moderation once a week. However, you need to pay attention to the ratio of the food you eat.
  • It may also be beneficial for you to exercise blood circulation. You can rotate your ankles clockwise and counterclockwise to avoid oedema in the lower extremities altogether.
  • Adding green leafy vegetables to your diet will help reduce your body’s water retention.

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Balloon in tummy for weight loss

A gastric balloon method aims to increase satiety and lose weight by leaving the balloon endoscopic to the gastric cavity and creating a mass effect with sedation. The patient can lose 15-20% of his initial weight with this method.

Weight loss balloon

The balloon’s main mechanism of action is to create satiety feeling with its partial space-occupying effect in the stomach and restrict food intake. Correct patient selection, appropriate dietetic, and behavioral treatments are key points in the balloon’s success. However, there is no guarantee that any patient will lose weight. Those who wear a gastric balloon should know that success can only be achieved through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Balloon in the tummy for weight loss

After the gastric balloon is attached, it is removed within six months to 1 year. During this period, if the person follows the doctor’s recommendations and pays attention to the eating habits and lifestyle, the desired weight can be reached.

Non surgical weight loss balloon

When it is removed, if the patient does not follow the diet and exercise program, it quickly regains the weight lost. Therefore, the gastric balloon makes preliminary preparation for surgery, especially in very overweight people.

Intragastric balloon weight loss

Generally, it does not involve any risk. At the same time, it gives extremely positive results in patients who have lost weight that they could not lose before and who develop a diet and nutritional habits.

Bariatric balloon procedure

It is best for overweight patients who want to wear a gastric balloon to decide on this issue. Also, you should trust the physician who will have this application and choose the right doctor after putting the balloon on. You will start to lose weight seriously. If you put the doctor’s recommendations into practice, and you will observe a positive change physically.




Gastric balloon pris

In addition to being a physical problem, obesity is mainly a health problem and, if not treated, causes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, joint diseases, and psychological disorders. The gastric balloon pris can vary for this effective slimming method that is increasingly preferred in treating obesity.

Balloon operation to lose weight

The gastric balloon is a method that can be applied temporarily and is used to achieve weight loss in adults between the ages of 18-55 who cannot lose weight despite intense diet and exercise programs. Usually, it is not recommended to be used for longer than six months.

Non surgical weight loss balloon

The gastric balloon is a silicone balloon that can inflate. Doctors usually position in the stomach about the size of a grapefruit. Many patients are concerned that the gastric balloon will enlarge their stomach, but the gastric balloon alone does not enlarge the stomach.

Non invasive gastric balloon

the balloon is placed inside of the stomach in deflated position. Then the balloon is inflated with sterile water or air through the catheter attached to the balloon. After the balloon reaches a sufficient volume, the catheter is separated from the balloon utilizing the mechanism on it, and the balloon remains in the stomach.

Gastric balloon pris

Gastric balloon application is not a surgical method, so it does not have surgical risks. After the gastric balloon application, patients can return to their daily lives in a short time. One advantage of the gastric balloon is that it is temporary. Patients can meet with experts for gastric balloon removal after 6 or 12 months.

Balloon in the stomach to lose weight cost

Stomach balloon prices vary according to the type of gastric balloon, how long the balloon has a lifetime, at which center the gastric balloon will be attached, and the experience of the surgeon who will perform the application. For this reason, it would not be right to give a standard information about gastric balloon prices.

Saline-Filled Balloon in Stomach Cost


Gastric balloon operation is one of the methods of losing weight in a short time for obese people. Saline Filled Balloon In Stomach Cost is not clear. Therefore, patients should contact the clinic for price information. Patients can go to the clinic or call the clinic by phone.

Balloon Stomach Procedure


In a gastric balloon operation, doctors do not make any holes in the patient. Therefore, the patient does not have any cut marks or stitch marks due to the procedure. Doctors send the gastric balloon from the patient’s mouth to his stomach with an endoscope.

Bariatric balloon procedure

While the doctors are in the patient’s stomach, they fill the balloon with a striking blue serum. If the balloon leaks thanks to this serum, the patient’s urine will change color. Thus, patients can go to their doctor quickly. In this case, doctors take out the balloon safely from the patient.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Balloon Cost


The weight loss balloon is an operation that does not involve surgical procedure. Therefore, it has more affordable prices compared to other surgeries. Patients can come to the clinic to find out the cost of the gastric balloon operation. Thus, patients can meet all the staff face to face and ask all the questions they have in their minds.

Intragastric Balloon Price


When patients come to the clinic, doctors can examine the patients. In this way, doctors can make evident comments about the patient’s condition. Depending on the patient’s condition, doctors can suggest different weight loss methods. Thus, patients can learn the operation price from the doctor.

Saline-Filled Balloon in Stomach Cost

Patients who cannot come to the clinic can call the clinic and communicate. They can also send a message on Whatsapp or send a message to live support on the website. In this way, clinicians can continuously inform patients about the gastric balloon price. Do not hesitate to contact Mono Obesity Surgery for further information.



Non-invasive Gastric Balloon

The non-invasive gastric balloon helps obese people to lose weight fast. Gastric balloon operation is not a surgical process. Therefore, doctors do not use cutting tools in gastric balloon operations. Thus, there are no stitches or cuts on the patient’s body.

Non-Invasive Gastric Balloon

The operation is not much different from a routine endoscopic examination. Before the gastric balloon procedure, the doctor gives the patient an anesthetic. Then the doctor puts the endoscope device through the patient’s mouth and takes it up to his stomach. With this device, the doctor places a deflated balloon in the patient’s abdomen.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Balloon

The doctor fills the balloon with a striking blue serum. Thanks to the blue serum, if the balloon leaks, the patient’s urine changes color. Therefore, when patients see that their urine color is different, they go to their doctor. In this way, doctors can intervene in the patient before the problem progresses.

Balloon Inserted in Stomach for Weight Loss

At the end of a maximum of 1 year after the gastric balloon operation, doctors remove the balloon from the patient’s stomach. Therefore, patients should have a 1-year intensive diet program. However, this is not enough. After the doctor has removed the gastric balloon, the patient should pay attention to a healthy diet.

Weight Loss Balloon

If patients continue to eat unhealthily, they may regain weight or even not lose after the operation. Therefore, gastric balloon operation alone cannot help patients lose weight. Gastric balloon operation provides patients to diet more efficiently.

Balloon in the Tummy for Weight Loss

Patients do not live with balloons in their stomachs throughout their lives. For a short time, the gastric balloon takes up space in the stomach of the patients. Thus, patients have to eat less food because they have a smaller stomach. Patients should make a habit of eating healthy and less food.



Intragastric Balloon Near Me

A gastric balloon operation is an auxiliary operation for patients to lose weight. In a balloon operation, get slim turkey doctors place a balloon in the stomach of the patients. The balloon occupies a large place in the abdomen of the patient. Thus, thanks to this balloon, the patient has to eat less food. Patients search suitable nearby clinics for gastric balloon operation.

Gastric Balloon Cost Near Me

Patients search the available clinics for gastric surgery on the internet. Then, patients go to the clinic by making their appointments. Procedures in the clinic begin with the doctor’s anesthesia to the patient. Then, the doctor places a balloon in the patient’s stomach with the endoscope. The doctor inflates the balloon, and the operation ends.

Intragastric Balloon Near Me

The operation takes a short time. Doctors only use an endoscope in gastric balloon operation. Therefore, a gastric balloon is not an operation. Doctors do not use any cutting tools. Therefore, patients do not have any stitches or cut marks.

Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon

The balloon stays in the patient’s body for 6-12 months. Therefore, patients should not worry that they will live with the balloon for their lifetime. At the end of a year, the doctor removes the balloon from the patient’s stomach. Then, patients should diet during this period. Patients should continue their life by consuming healthy food.

Intragastric Balloon Cost

For gastric balloon prices, patients can get the best information from the clinics. Therefore, patients should contact the clinic. The first option for patients is to call the clinic and talk. On the phone, patients can get information about the operation and price information from the clinical staff.

Weight Loss Balloon Cost

Patients can go to the clinic to get a more precise information. When they go to the clinic, they can get information about the face-to-face operation with the doctors. Thus, doctors can examine patients. International patients will receive their detailed initial consultations online.


Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon

Endoscopic intragastric balloon operation is a non-surgical weight loss method for obese people. In this method, the doctor does not make any holes in the patient or cut the patient. For this reason, patients can walk within a few hours after the surgery. Therefore, patients who are afraid of surgery prefer the gastric balloon.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

In the endoscopic gastric balloon operation, the doctor first gives anesthesia to the patient. Doctors send a balloon from the patients’ mouths to their stomachs. This balloon is in a deflated shape. Afterward, doctors inflate this balloon with a special liquid or air. After this procedure, the operation ends.

Stomach Balloon

After the operation, the stomach tries to digest the balloon. Therefore, patients may experience conditions such as nausea. In these cases, patients should be in contact with their doctor. Intragastric balloon turkey Thus, doctors can always help patients quickly.

Saline Balloon in Stomach

Doctors fill a blue-colored serum into the patient’s balloon. If there is any leakage in the balloon, the patient’s urine changes color. If the patients have urine of a different color, they should go to their doctor. Therefore, the blue serum helps patients to notice the problems they will experience early. Thus, doctors can intervene before it is too late.

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

After a gastric balloon, patients should not eat unhealthy foods. Doctors also give patients a diet program after the operation. Patients should follow this diet program. At the end of one year, doctors remove the gastric balloon. Therefore, the diet program of the patients is an average of 6-12 months.

Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon

After the gastric balloon comes out, the patient should continue to eat a healthy diet. If the patient is fed unhealthy, he can quickly gain weight again. Therefore, patients should adapt a healthy diet to their lives. Thus, eating healthy food should be a habit.


Weight Loss Balloon Near Me

A gastric balloon is a kind of weight-loss procedure. The procedure causes a loss in weight by placing a balloon in the abdomen. If a patient with obesity failed a diet or cardio exercises, gastric balloon placement is an available option to lose weight. However, it is not a permanent solution for losing weight. Long-term weight loss requires preparing a proper diet plan and getting an exercise plan.

Gastric Balloon Procedure Near Me

Doctors perform gastric balloon procedures in the endoscopy unit. The doctors place a balloon to the stomach. Then, the doctors fill the balloon with saline. This surgery takes almost an hour to complete successfully. However, after the procedure, patients should change the eating diet to completely liquids.

Non-Invasive Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon procedure requires no introduction of instruments into the body. Therefore, patients are prone to prefer non-invasive gastric balloons for weight loss. As a result of gastric balloon placement, patients feel full quickly when eating.

Weight Loss Balloon Near Me

Gastric balloon procedures cause more weight loss than only diets. Balloons for weight loss relieve overweight problems such as heart diseases and high blood pressure. However, patients should change their diet and along with their physical activities. Otherwise, it is possible not to lose weight.

Weight Balloon

Placing a gastric balloon filled with saline into the stomach has some small side effects. Some patients observe pain and nausea a few days after surgery. However, there are also some rare and severe effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. If a patient feels any of these side effects right after surgery, the patient should notify the doctor.

Balloon in the Stomach to Lose Weight Cost

A gastric balloon is a cheap way to lose weight in Turkey compared the other countries. However, the price’s cheapness does not mean that Turkey’s quality of gastric balloons is inadequate; on the contrary, it is of outstanding quality.


Balloon Gastric Bypass

One of the weight loss methods for people who cannot lose weight with exercises and diet is the turkey gastric balloon. In gastric balloon surgery, doctors place a balloon in the patient’s stomach and inflate it.

weight lose turkey
weight lose turkey

Thus, the free space in the patient’s stomach decreases. Therefore, the patient starts to eat less and lose weight.

Balloon Gastric Bypass

In a gastric balloon operation, doctors first give anesthesia to the patient. Doctors then send a balloon from the patient’s mouth to their stomach.

Doctors inflate this balloon with a unique blue serum and leave it in the patient’s abdomen. This balloon will remain in the patient’s stomach for 6-12 months.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Balloon

Doctors do not use any surgical instruments in balloon operations. Doctors only use endoscopic instruments. Therefore, no holes or cuts occur in the patient’s body. Thus, patients can walk shortly after surgery.

Balloon Operation to Lose Weight

Since the balloon will remain in the patient’s stomach for a maximum of 1 year, the patient tries to reach his ideal weight during this period. The patient should eat healthy food and diet to lose weight.

Gastric Bypass Procedures
Gastric Bypass Procedures

Doctors give this diet to patients after surgery. Patients must continue to diet even after the doctors remove the balloon from the patient’s stomach.

Balloon in The Stomach to Lose Weight Cost

Patients should contact the clinic to get the price information of the gastric balloon operation. Therefore, patients can contact the clinic’s phone number to get price information. On the phone, patients have the opportunity to ask all the questions in their minds.

obesity weight-loss turkey
obesity treatment in uk
Intragastric balloon
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in turkey

Balloon in Stomach for Weight Loss Price

The best communication with the clinic is the patient’s going to the clinic. When the patients go to the clinic, they get the chance to communicate with the doctor face to face. Thus, patients can learn prices and other information more clearly.


weight loss balloon

The procedure is performed under anesthesia after the patient is completely asleep, accompanied by an endoscopy. First, the inner surface of the stomach is examined. After it is seen that there is no obstacle to placing a balloon in the stomach, the balloon is placed with the help of an endoscope and inflated with a certain amount of air or liquid according to the characteristics of the weight loss balloon.

balloon in the tummy for weight loss

Various balloons serve the same purpose, depending on the duration of gastric retention and the adjustability of the amount of fluid in the balloon. Your doctor who will perform the procedure will inform you in detail about this issue. You should stop eating 12 hours before the procedure and stop drinking 6 hours before the procedure. It is extremely important to comply with this, as nausea may occur after the balloon is inflated.

weight loss balloon

The process takes about 20 minutes. You will be under observation for 1-2 hours after the procedure, and then you can go home. Since this procedure will be performed under anesthesia, you cannot drive a car that day. Effective weight loss can be achieved with the gastric balloon, although not as much as surgical methods.

weight balloon

The gastric balloon is designed to remain in the stomach for six months. Some balloons can stay up to 1 year. Afterward, the balloon is deflated again under anesthesia and removed with the help of an endoscopy.

bariatric balloon near me

The balloon covers a certain part of your stomach’s inner volume and helps you feel full by eating less. Before the balloon is attached, you cannot eat the maximum amount you can eat in one sitting after the balloon is attached.

Another benefit of the weight loss balloon is that it slows the passage of the foods you take through the stomach and helps you feel full for a longer period.

weight loss balloon near me

To find out the best bariatric balloon practices please contact us and get further information.



Weight loss balloon cost

Although it is evaluated within the scope of stomach reduction surgeries, gastric balloon application, in which no surgical intervention is performed, is a procedure that makes it possible to lose weight in a short time and reduce the volume of the stomach.

weight loss balloon price

One of the issues that come to mind in this method, used by those who want to lose weight, is weight loss balloon cost.

balloon in the stomach for weight loss

You may feel a little uncomfortable in the first days after the balloon is attached. Some patients may feel nauseous with food intake. There may be vomiting attacks from time to time. After the first week, these complaints disappear. In the first week, the feeling of hunger is suppressed. After the first week, hunger comes back slowly, but the feeling of satiety is felt by eating less. In 3-6 weeks, your stomach will fully adapt to the balloon, and you will be able to consume more food. In this process, you should try to improve your eating habits.

Balloon Stomach Procedure
Balloon Stomach Procedure

You should not eat fast, and you should stop eating when the feeling of satiety occurs. During this process, if symptoms such as nausea and hiccups occur after meals, it indicates that you are eating too much or quickly. Lifestyle changes (exercise and proper eating habits) are significant to maintain weight loss in the following weeks.

tummy balloon cost

Stomach balloon prices may vary depending on the type of gastric balloon. How long the balloon has a lifetime which centers the gastric balloon will be attached to, the experience of the surgeon who will perform the application.

gastric balloon price

Whether or not dietician support is required after the application. For this reason, it would not be the right approach to provide a piece of standard information about gastric balloon prices.

gastric bypass uk
gastric bypass uk

weight loss balloon cost

The best prices for weight loss balloon procedures is known to be in Turkey, please contact us for further information the procedure and the costs.


Stomach Balloon

Many people suffer from various illnesses such as diabetes because of obesity. That is why these people need a quick weight loss method. A stomach balloon is one of the fast weight loss methods for obese people.

Bariatric balloon

Since the stomach balloon procedure is not surgery, many patients apply to weight loss with a stomach balloon. Thanks to the gastric balloon, people do not have pain after the process. Also, the duration of the gastric balloon procedure is shorter than other obesity surgeries. Therefore, gastric balloon surgery is one of the effective methods for slimming. Nevertheless, after gastric balloon surgery, the patient must follow a diet.

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

Doctors do not make any holes in the patient’s body in the gastric balloon procedure. On the contrary, doctors reach the stomach by endoscopy. At the endoscopy, the doctor examines the stomach and then inserts a balloon into the stomach. Afterward, the doctor fills blue serum into the balloon. This serum must be blue because if the balloon leaks any, the patient’s urine will be blue. Thus, patients can quickly notice if they have problems. Also, patients should come on an empty stomach, as gastric surgery will be an endoscopy.

Stomach balloon

Doctors recommend fasting for at least 8 hours. Since the doctors fill the patient’s stomach with a balloon, there is a small part in the patient’s stomach that they can fill with food. Thus, patients eat less and lose weight.

Balloon Stomach Cost

The most useful way to find out the prices is to contact the clinic. Communication methods of patients may vary. Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and the live support line of the hospital are communication facilities.

Stomach balloon cost

Of course, one of the options is that the patient comes to the clinic to meet face to face. Patients may also have the chance to be examined when they come to the clinic. To find out about your treatment plan and book you spot please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and get an online consultation first.



nonsurgical weight loss balloon

The non-surgical weight loss balloon is an alternative to bariatric surgery in overweight people who do not indicate surgery. Besides, in some cases, a gastric balloon can help super obese patients lose weight during surgery preparation. Most patients can lose 10-30% of their total body weight, depending on their initial weight.

intragastric balloon weight loss

The application takes about 20 minutes, and then an x-ray is taken. The location of the balloon is confirmed with the x-ray taken. Then water is filled into this balloon. After the balloon is inflated with filled water, the catheter is removed from the mouth. It is highly preferred because it is a process that can be done without the need for anything extra.

non surgical weight loss balloon

It is frequently preferred as it is the least risky among all obesity surgeries. Since there is no need to apply an extra process, its application is much easier than other processes. Besides, there is almost no risk factor in the case of the application of a swallowable gastric balloon.

balloon gastric bypass

As it is known, the purpose of gastric balloon application is to reduce the internal volume of the stomach and limit the amount of food intake. A typical human stomach has an average volume of 1-1.5 liters. Stomach balloons can be filled with liquid/air up to 700-900 milligrams. Consequently, it may not be correct to give a fixed rate. However, given an average figure, it corresponds to 1/3 or half of the stomach volume.

balloon in the stomach to lose weight cost

A protocol in the form of gastric balloon cost calculation is out of the question. All balloons have different prices, regardless of their size, depending on the duration they can stay in the stomach (6 months-1 years) and their adjustable feature.

balloon stomach procedure cost

For this reason, it would not be appropriate to give you a price. The pricing you will get after talking to your doctor will be much more accurate.


Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon

People who want to lose weight can sometimes be afraid of surgery. In this case, doctors recommend non-surgical gastric balloon operations to these patients. In a gastric balloon operation, doctors do not make any holes in the patient.

Non surgical gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is an operation performed by an endoscopy. Therefore, when placing the gastric balloon, the patient does not feel different from a routine endoscopy examination.

Tummy balloon

Doctors leave a balloon in the patient’s stomach with endoscopy instruments. Then they inflate this balloon with a blue serum. This balloon occupies a large area in the stomach and gives the patient a feeling of satiety. Therefore, even if the patient wants to, he cannot eat much. Since it will be a non-surgical procedure, patients can return to their everyday lives without pain after surgery.

The Gastric Balloon

Depending on the patient’s condition, doctors keep the gastric balloon in the patient’s stomach for 6-12 months. If there is a health problem with the balloon during this process, the patient’s urine turns blue. If the patient sees blue urine, he should consult a doctor immediately. The blue color of the urine is due to the addition of blue serum into the balloon. In this way, doctors and patients can notice potential problems more quickly. Within 6-12 months, the patient can lose enough weight. However, after the doctor takes the gastric balloon from the stomach, patients should continue their diet.

Gastric Balloon Cost

Patients can get the cleanest information from the clinic for gastric balloon prices. Thus, patients can come to the clinic and ask all their curiosity, and doctors can examine patients in this process. However, patients who do not have the chance to go to the hospital can contact the clinic from the contact addresses. Live support and phone numbers always help patients in this regard.

Balloon in stomach for weight loss price

While there are many aspects effecting this price, the individual tretament plan carries big importance on it; to get a individualized treatmend plan and know about the prices, please get in touch with us.




Intragastric Balloon Procedure

Obese people who need to lose weight fast prefer the intragastric balloon procedure. This process wants to reduce the patient’s appetite and make him lose weight. Doctors use endoscopy tools for intragastric balloon procedures, so this procedure is not an operation. Therefore, doctors never cut the patient’s body, so patients don’t have to worry.

Intragastric Balloon UK

Doctors leave a balloon inside the patient’s stomach and inflate this balloon in the stomach. The balloon occupies space in the stomach area, and thus the space area in the patient’s stomach is reduced. Therefore, the patient has to eat less food and becomes weak.

Balloon Inserted in Stomach For Weight Loss


The duration of the patient’s weight loss with a balloon takes six-twelve months. The patient continues his life with a balloon in his stomach for one year. They can lose weight very quickly within one year. During this time, patients should follow the diet program given by their doctor.

Intragastric balloon procedure

This diet program is vital for the patient’s weight loss and permanence, so the patient must strictly follow this diet list. After the patient loses weight at the end of one year, they take the balloon in the patient’s stomach. Then patients regain their old stomach size. The patient should continue to diet and be careful not to gain weight again.

Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon

Since the intragastric balloon procedure is not surgery, it has many advantages for patients. Intragastric balloon procedure is an endoscopic procedure. Therefore, after the intragastric balloon procedure, patients have more comfortable rules than surgeries. After the gastric balloon procedure, patients do not experience pain as if they had surgery. Patients may have vomiting and abdominal pain for a few days until their stomach gets used to the balloon. In this case, patients can only use medications recommended by their doctors.

Gastric balloon procedure cost

The cost of the procedure may vary depending on different factors; to find out the gastric balloon procedure cost please contact us and get an online consultation.


Gastric Balloon Procedure

Nowadays, the gastric balloon is one of the most effective weight loss methods against obesity. The gastric balloon is one of the most effective weight loss methods against obesity today. The gastric balloon procedure starts with local or general anesthesia, so that anesthesia may vary according to the patient’s request. Then, within the endoscopic recording, the doctor leaves a deflated balloon in the patient’s stomach. The doctor then inflates the balloon in the patient’s abdomen.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

The swelling of this balloon varies according to the patient’s wishes. If the balloon is too swollen, there will be less space in the patient’s stomach. Thus, the doctor adjusts the balloon’s inflation to determine the maximum amount of food that the patient can eat.

Endoscopic Balloon For Weight Loss

As the balloon release process is endoscopic, doctors do not make any holes in the patient. In this way, patients do not suffer after the procedure and can return to their regular life.

Balloon Bypass

Gastric Balloon procedure is not a permanent procedure, so doctors remove the balloon from the patient’s stomach at the end of 6-12 months. Therefore, patients should continue their diet after the balloon in their stomachs is gone. Thus, they can have a healthy life by maintaining their weight.

Saline Balloon in Stomach

Usually, doctors fill the stomach balloon with saline solution. This solution contains a blue serum. In this way, if the balloon leaks in the future, the patient’s urine changes color. Thus, the patient can understand the leak and consult his doctor. In addition to the liquid solution, doctors can inflate the balloon in the stomach with air. In the air inflation method, the balloon can grow more. Thus, doctors can leave less space in the patient’s stomach. However, if the balloon leaks, the patient cannot notice this situation.

Balloon in stomach for weight loss cost

Cost of gastric balloon may change depending on many factors, please contact your clinic to find out.


How is Gastric Balloon Performed?

Obesity is a medical condition, and it is generally caused by overeating. The number of obese people is increasing day by day. A gastric balloon is one of the most known methods against obesity. If you consider having a gastric balloon, you may wonder about the process of the gastric balloon. A gastric balloon is also known as an intragastric balloon, is a non-surgical weight loss treatment. A gastric balloon is about inserting a soft balloon into your stomach, which makes you feel full after small amounts of food temporarily.

The Gastric Balloon Procedure


The gastric balloon is a temporary weight-loss procedure that is about placing a soft silicone balloon in your stomach. It helps you to lose weight by limiting how much you can eat. If you are over-weight and if diet and exercise do not work for you, the gastric balloon operation may be an option for you. Gastric balloon operation helps you to be prepared for weight-loss surgery or another operation. The procedure of gastric balloon generally takes 20 minutes to an hour. This procedure helps you to achieve long-term weight loss, and it is a safe and effective treatment.


Gastric Balloon Before and After


If you have lower body mass indexes, a gastric balloon is an easy process for you because it does not require surgery. Even if gastric balloons are temporary, you can lose between 20 and 50 pounds over almost six months. In order for the operation to be successful, you have to change your lifestyle, education, and eating style. You will not lose much weight with a gastric balloon operation as you want, but it will motivate you more. If you need a more serious and permanent solution for your problem, you can look at alternatives such as gastric banding, shortening your digestive tract, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass.



Best Gastric Balloon Doctors in Turkey

Being overweight in these times is hard, especially if you have a job that requires physical activity. Even office jobs are hard for those who suffer from obesity. Obesity can cause a lot of sweating, feeling tired all the time, and most importantly, some severe health conditions. Many people who suffer from obesity are willing to lose weight by following a diet and doing exercises. Unfortunately, not all of them can lose weight in standard ways, requiring them to do extra things. The hardest part is to quit bad eating habits, which requires the person to eat less than they used to do. It can be very hard and maybe impossible for some people. Thanks to technology in health, these problems can be fixed with surgeries named under bariatric surgery.

Is gastric balloon safe?

Gastric balloon surgery is an operation that aims for the patients to consume less food. This way, the patient will need to consume less food than they used to, helping them follow their diets easier. By being able to eat less than usual, the clients will consume fewer calories a day without feeling hungry, and it will have a significant impact on following a diet. Gastric balloon surgery in Turkey is quite popular amongst people who are willing to get the surgery. Due to developed standards, safety, and cheaper prices, Turkey is a quite popular country with what it offers in the field of health. With experienced doctors, you will have a safer gastric balloon surgery, and the recovery time will be more comfortable for you and people around you.

If you are willing to have any kind of surgery; it is best for you to search for the Best Gastric Balloon Doctors in Turkey before getting the surgery.



Gastric Balloon

Intra Gastric Balloon is an endoscopic method applied to lose weight. The balloon was placed in the stomach and inflated with 500-600 cc of liquid. The operation aims to achieve satiety by consuming less food.

Gastric balloon surgery

During the gastric balloon procedure, the person is under conscious sedation. After the patient goes to the clinic hungry, firstly diagnostic endoscopy is performed to see whether the stomach is suitable for balloon application or not.

Gastric Balloon Surgery Turkey

After the approval, the balloon is placed inside the stomach by mouth. With the endoscopy method, 500-600 cc is inflated and left in the stomach. The patient is awakened and rested in the clinic for a few hours. Afterwards, the patient can go home.

What Types of Balloons Are There?

There are two types of balloons: those left in the stomach for six months and those that can be adjusted after 12 months. The decision is made following the patient’s preference and the recommendations of the practitioner. Usually, short-term balloons are chosen for those with stomach complaints. 12-month and adjustable types may be preferred for more tolerant patients. The 12-month balloons can be inflated and lowered depending on the weight loss speed.

What Happens After the Gastric Balloon?

Patients may experience temporary nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Medications to prevent them are recommended. Generally, after two weeks, the complaints decrease or disappear, and the patients begin to learn to live with the balloon.

What Should Patients with Gastric Balloons Eat and Drink?

Soft consistency foods are consumed in the first two weeks after the intra-gastric balloon is inserted. Generally, a diet is taken away from fatty and sugary foods, small meals but often. Foods such as fish, chicken, fiber foods, meat, eggs, limited fruit, not too hot tea, and linden can be consumed. However, chocolate, cake, pastry, acidic drinks, and heavy fried foods should be avoided especially.




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