Cambridge Trumpington Gastric Sleeve


Cambridge Trumpington Gastric Sleeve

Mono Obesity Surgery is the most well recognized choice for weight loss surgery for Cambridge Trumpington Gastric Sleeve patients with its unique treatment facilities and its talented obesity surgeons. Have an online patient consultation to find out about the latest 2021 gastric sleeve prices.

In order to provide the most efficient treatment results for weight reduction, the Cambridge Trumpington Gastric Sleeve combines high tech and advanced surgical technology.

What are the benefits of gastric sleeves?

Following recent advancements and high-level surgical treatments, the stomach sleeve has been the most common weight loss operation.

The most popular option for those who cannot lose weight through changing their eating habits or training is the Cambridge Trumpington Gastric Sleeve. The weight loss is powerful and rapid with the gastric sleeves.

The whole procedure and recovery period is comfortable and patients can quickly and painlessly return to their normal lives.

The Cambridge Trumpington Gastric Sleeve supports healthy diets by reducing the stomach. Dietary consultants of the Mono Obesity Surgery provide patients with specialized diet support until gastric sleeve procedure successful results are being attained after the operation.

Cambridge Trumpington Gastric Sleeve

While it is worth to see the new parts too, Trumpington has a historical side which dates back to Anglo-Saxon period. Do not forget to visit High Street which offers many bars, restaurants, shops and cafes.

 Cambridge Trumpington Gastric Sleeve patient reviews

“I felt safe and happy in every part of my Mono obesity weight loss experience; first of all, attentive team never leaves you alone. And secondly, their bariatric surgeon is really the best one; I have lost 67 kg without any complications or difficulty. I never expected this to be this easy, I am so thankful.”

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“I have been suffering from obesity since my twenties; I always thought I could figure it out once I have time, I would exercise or diet and get rid of my excess weight easily. But this was not as easy as I thought; and finally at the age 43, I decided to have gastric sleeve with Mono. I lost 59 kg within a year and I regret not doing it sooner. Thanks.”

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