Botox in Stomach for Weight Loss


Botox in Stomach for Weight Loss

Botox application is relatively new than the old techniques, and it becomes more popular day by day. If you cannot reach your ideal weight with exercise and diet, you may consider surgeries for weight loss. Botox in the stomach for weight loss can be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Stomach Botox Side Effects

Using botox in the stomach to treat obesity helps to lose weight. Even though it looks simple, stomach botox has side effects too. Its side effects may be pain, swelling in the area, nausea, indigestion, etc.

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Botox on Stomach

Botox on stomach surgery is a non-surgical procedure done by inserting Botulinum toxin with the help of modern devices, such as a camera. This technique is temporary, but it helps to lose weight by slowing down the movement of muscles.

Gastric Balloon Pris

The price for gastric balloon surgery depends on the patients’ condition, quality of the clinics’, doctors’ experiences, and more. Thus, we cannot say the exact price, but it is obvious that Turkey has the most affordable prices for a gastric balloon.

Stomach Botox

Stomach botox shows its effect by neutralizing the motor nerves and the smooth muscles of the stomach. Its effect can extend up to 6 months, but this technique is not a permanent solution. Stomach botox causes a relaxation in the stomach, making you feel full even after eating a small amount of food.

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