Am I Obese?


Do you know your body mass index (BMI)? To test whether you are obese, you need to measure your height and weight. If the result after measuring height and weight is over 30, you are called obese. How do I know if I am obese? Am I obese or not? Read on for detailed answers to these questions!

What is Obesity?

Obesity means having more fat on the body than it should be. Obesity is much more than the size of the clothes you wear or how you look. Obesity can significantly affect your health.

Your whole body senses excess weight, from your heart to your joints, blood sugar level, blood pressure, and other systems of your body. So your body produces many bad things like extra fat cells, different kinds of hormones, and inflammation. This increases your chances of many diseases that can become chronic. Even though these odds seem to attack you, you should consider that it is possible to beat this situation. The first step is to contact us immediately, knowing where you stand.

Are You Obese?

Obesity is more than simply being overweight. This problem is widespread. So much so that at least one out of every five adults in the UK is obese. If you are struggling with obesity, you can start working immediately to lose weight. Although it may not seem easy, losing a few pounds can start things off for you. Experts generally define obesity for adults by body mass index (BMI). This formula is related to your weight relative to your height.

What Does Obesity Do to Your Body?

Experts say that the disease rates are significantly increased due to obesity. Obesity puts extra stress on your joints, bones, and briefly on all your organs. This causes your organs to work much more than they should. This problem can significantly increase your body fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol level, making many diseases possible, such as heart problems or stroke. It can also worsen many conditions, such as back pain, sleep apnea, inflammation, or osteoarthritis.

Having too much fat in your body can cause inflammation, which can seriously damage your cells. Also, the problem of obesity is associated with some types of cancer. Likewise, it can significantly reduce your body’s response to insulin, which over time can lead to type 2 diabetes. Being overweight also makes it harder for you to be active.

If you are battling obesity, dieting, or exercising but failing, we tell you the most effective treatment! The most effective treatment for you is obesity surgery.

As a Mono Clinic for the surgical treatment of obesity, we try to ensure that you lose weight in two different ways. First, we aim to reduce the rate of foods you eat. In this type of surgery, we reduce your stomach volume.

Then, we aim to reduce the absorption of the nutrients you consume. In this type of surgery, we close your small intestine to the passage of food in different lengths.

As a result of all these processes, you can say hello to a perfect and brand new life! Click for details:

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