The latest trend for male styling of bushy beard has spread out the world; while a smooth face was considered as an ideal for male in earlier times, in today’s modern world, bushy beard is accepted as stronger and more charismatic. Unfortunately, not every man can grow a bushy beard as they wish and this is a very common problem for male.

Gladly, hair transplant procedures are available to solve this problem too, as they do with many hair loss conditions in varying parts of the body. Hair transplant is not an operation which can be performed only for the scalp; in fact, it gives equally successful results for many other areas like beard, moustache or eyebrow.

Of course, facial hair transplant brings out different concerns about the procedure due to the sensitiveness and prominence of facial area. However, the most common concern remains the same with all other hair transplant procedures; will my results be lifelong?

Beard transplant procedure

The basic steps of the beard transplant procedure are not any different than other types of hair transplant procedures. All techniques of hair transplant are suitable for beard restoration but then again the most common and the most demanded technique is FUE; FUE is one of the latest and most commonly performed techniques around the world due to its suitability for almost all conditions and its comfortable process.

FUE technique is performed by collecting the necessary amount of grafts from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area; the basic progress of the technique is the same with beard transplant too. The donor area is usually the back of the head as in many hair transplant procedures due to the strength of the follicles there; the collected grafts are transplanted to the beard area in the light of the treatment plan made specially for the individual.

FUE technique facilitate the beard transplant procedure by leaving no scar behind and providing patients with a very smooth and rapid recovery period. For a very prominent area like face, FUE offers a very advantageous procedure.

Will my beard transplant results be permanent?

In a beard transplant operation, follicles taken from the donor area to be transplanted into the beard are extracted with special and state-of-art technologic devices to avoid any harm during the procedure. All hair transplant techniques are designed to give the most natural and permanent results; the follicles are able to grow naturally in their new transplanted places once the recovery process is done.

The biggest reason why beard transplant has been very popular and even opted by celebrities is its permanent and very natural results achieved by the latest developments and technology of hair transplant. After the healing period is done, beard transplant patients can style or shave their beard as they desire.

In Mono Hair Transplant Clinic, beard transplant is planned with the experienced hair transplant specialists and dedicated medical consultants in a detailed consultation session. If you like to initiate your journey to a bushy beard, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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