How much hair transplant costs?

There are many clinics using different methods. Which technique is done in which center and how much? It is very important to have information about prices by doing preliminary research. If you have done a price research, you know the average market prices. The price may be below average prices in the clinic you are analyzing. It is useful to be careful about this. The prices given for hair transplantation in clinics affect the number of grafts. It is very important to pay attention to the calculations made.

How Much Hair Transplant Costs

Hair transplant cost is among the most sought-after information. Hair Transplant operation is an aesthetic operation that we often apply. This can be a permanent solution to baldness. The most used FUE technique is planting hair follicles in an open area. Hair transplantation starts with the removal of hair follicles in the nape area where there is no shedding. It is then performed by transferring to the scalp area.

The condition of the roots taken very important. We open channels for the hair follicles in the area where we will transplant. We place the hair follicles that we previously separated as long and short one by one.

Do Hair Transplant Prices Differ in Women and Men?

Hair follicle structure has similar qualities in men and women. We use the same basic methods in hair transplant operations. In both sexes, we take the hair root (graft) from the donor area and transfer it to the area to be transplanted.

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