How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last? The Procedure and Its Permanence

   When making a decision for a cosmetic procedure, usually the first question pops in mind is "is it worth it?”. Cosmetic operations are mostly non-essential operations. This makes the decision process harder for patients and creates many questions in their minds; however, eventually, the most important point has always been the permanence of the treatment for a patient.

   Hair transplant operation is a procedure whose permanence is being questioned every day by candidates. The operation itself is quite smooth and minimally invasive. The recovery is quick and the side effects are in a very small number. But then again, the fact that it is eventually a "surgery” which takes around 4-8 hours and performed under local anesthesia, naturally brings out the hesitation. A hair transplant patient always would like to know that the operation is worth having and the results will be permanent.

   Good news is hair transplant operations are designed as permanent operations; the basic principles of the procedure is designed for permanent results. There are multiple techniques for a hair transplant; however, the basic principles are based on the idea of natural hair to be relocated to the area where hair loss is experienced; though the idea seems very hard to perform, it is more than possible with the latest techniques and technologies. The hair follicles are harvested via suitable tools and techniques and transplanted into the channels opened beforehand in the recipient area as whole. The follicles are transplanted to their new places with their roots; this means they are able grow there as if they are in their original places or as if they are the original roots at the recipient area. The aim of the procedure is to achieve the most natural and permanent results; the best way to do this is to use patient’s own natural follicles.

Shock loss

   Shock loss is a commonly misunderstood part of post-op period of hair transplant procedures. A few weeks after the operation, the transplanted hair falls out. This is called "shock loss” and it is considered as a natural part of the recovery process. Newly transplanted hair follicles need some time to regularize their growth cycle and this time can be up to 18 months. The fallen hair will grow back with time and the new roots will adjust into their places.

Factors effecting the permanence of a hair transplant

   When done by a professional, hair transplant procedures have a success rate of %85-90. However, there are some factors effecting the permanence and success rate of the procedure such as age, lifestyle, chronic diseases, hormonal changes or skin structure. The success rate of a hair transplant procedure is usually predictable to some degree in the consultation process; therefore, patients should be sure that they have shared every necessary detail about their condition. Your hair transplant specialist will explain you the possibilities or if you would need multiple sessions to achieve your desired goal.

   Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to offer the most successful hair transplant results with the highest permanence rate; patients of Mono enjoy their natural and long-term results. To get more information on procedures and to get a detailed hair analysis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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