How does hair transplant works? This question is one of the questions many people ask. We take it from the scalp in small pieces from the dense hair area and transfer it to the area with hair loss. Performed by surgical intervention. We perform each hair transplant method in accordance with the person and hair structure.

The way hair transplantation works with the FUE technique starts with taking the hair follicles one by one from the back of the head. It continues with the transplantation of balding areas with hair loss. The FUE method has many advantages over the FUT technique. At the beginning of these, we do not leave any traces in the area we buy in any way. We shave the nape area and treat this donor area where we will transplant with local anesthesia. After collecting the hair follicles on the back of the head, we soak them in a special solution. Since we do not use knives, stitches, incisions or tools, you will feel the healing much faster. The result will be much better.

The reason for this is that root extraction tips with an inner diameter of 0.6-0.7 mm are used in the FUE method. For this reason, the fact that the extracted roots are very thin is also a factor. In the FUT method, we separate the roots we take outside. Therefore, we leave a slightly thicker surrounding tissue at the roots to protect the roots. Contact us for more details on how hair transplantation works.

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