Hair Mesotherapy is done by vitamin mix in which there are multivitamins, minerals and amino acids of hair needs, injected directly into the scalp for hair regrowth and strengthening. It is much more effective than externally applied products such as oils, lotions and shampoos. The vitamin mix injected to the scalp area stimulates the area and increases the blood circulation and regeneration. This way the hair begins to get nourished from the roots and gets stronger. The quality of the hair increases and hair loss decreases; it gets voluminous and shiny.

Mesotherapy is suitable for both men and women who experience hair thinning and hair loss from all ages.

Mesotherapy is advised to be done in multiple sessions – though you will feel the positive effect in one session- the number of sessions will be decided through analyzing the hair structure. Each session takes around 30 minutes, and usually a single session involves 30 to 40 injections. It has no side effects other than mild pain in the injected area, itching, inflammation, or headache; however they are all temporary and not seen in every patient.

Mesotherapy is beneficial when applied after Hair Transplant procedure. It helps newly planted hair follicles to settle in their place, get stronger therefore it supports the regrowth. However, it can be used as a separate treatment as well in order to prevent hair loss before the hair transplant treatment becomes necessary. Mesotherapy is not beneficial curing male pattern baldness; but it is very effective and recommended after a hair transplant operation, as it nourishes and supports the scalp.