Can Fallen Hair Be Restored with Medication: Most Common Medications for Hair Loss

The prevalence of hair loss conditions has led many scientific researches for the possible treatments; currently, there are numerous treatments available for this condition, the effectiveness of which varies from person to person.

Medicines produced for hair loss are actually the first solution that comes to mind of every hair loss patient. They are very accessible and very easy to use. They are one of the most affordable treatment options available for the problem. But, are they really effective?

Medicines available for hair loss conditions

The differentiation between the cosmetic products and approved medication for hair loss should be made carefully. There are so many products available and commercialized to be effective on hair loss, but in order to prevent the waste of time and money or to prevent any unwanted complication, the best treatment option should be decided with a professional. If the medication treatment is found suitable for the individual’s case, only the prescribed medicines should be used in accordance to the instructions from your doctor.

There are two main types of hair loss medicines found to be effective and approved to be used by patients currently.

Minoxidil: Minoxidil had been used as a high blood pressure medicine for a long time until it was discovered that it caused excessive hair growth. It is the only medication which can be used by both men and women. Though it is helpful to some degree for regrowth too, it is mainly effective on maintaining of the existing follicles.

Finasteride: Finasteride was developed as a cure for prostate enlargement and cancer. It works as reducing the production of DHT hormone which is the cause for male pattern baldness. It is only suitable for male and should not be used or even touched by females as it may cause negative effects on pregnancy and birth. Finasteride can only be obtained by prescription and should not be used without a doctor’s opinion.

Are medications useful for hair loss?

It is very understandable why people who suffer from hair loss conditions opt for over-the-counter products before considering about any kind of surgical hair restoration procedure like hair transplant. However, the medication is only found to be effective to a certain degree on hair loss and balding conditions which is usually not satisfactory for patients. In addition to the low success rate, medications should be used for a long period to show their function and the long period of usage may cause unwanted side effects in other parts of the body. Medications are found to be more effective on the maintenance of the existing hair and preventing hair thinning than restoring the fallen hair; therefore, the usage of hair loss medication is usually more preferred in the very early stages of hair loss conditions.

In order to find out the ultimate hair loss treatment for your individual condition, you must consult to a doctor. Random use of certain over-the-counter products may cause reverse effects and waste of time and money for some conditions.

The most effective solution for any level of hair loss condition has been hair transplant since it has been developed to a significant degree with the latest technological and medical improvements. To find out the best suitable treatment for your individual condition, please contact us and get a free online consultation.

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