Breast Uplift Turkey

Breast uplift is a surgical procedure in order to fix the undesired shape and sagginess of the breasts by removing the excess skin and rearranging the breast tissues. Also known as mastopexy, breast uplift surgery is suitable for those who would like to have more aesthetic and upright breasts along with better positioned nipples.

There are lots of reasons for the sagginess of breasts and need for a breast uplift; pregnancy, major weight changes, breastfeeding, gravity and aging are the most common ones. Though almost every breast type is prone to sag, larger and heavier breasts are usually more quick to lose shape. Gladly, latest medical techniques contribute a lot to breast uplift and provide very good results.

Breast Uplift and Implant

It is very common to combine operations of breast uplift and implant; if it is found necessary for a better aesthetic look or if the patients would like to add some volume to their breasts as well, breast uplift and implant operations can be performed together.

As in some cases, breast uplift operation may result decrease on the volume of the breasts to some degree, breast implants operation can be combined with breast uplift and give very successful results.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Breast Uplift?

Breast uplift procedures are not recommended for those who think about getting pregnant in the future as the breasts may sag again after pregnancy. In order to discuss about possible results of the breast uplift and to find out if you are a right candidate, please contact us and get a free consultation.

Breast uplift operation is a suitable operation for a wide range of people who would like to fix the sagginess of the breasts; however, as in every medical procedure, the consultation sessions carries a big importance on the success of the surgery. A quality consultation should cover every detail about the patients’ medical condition, medical history and expectation with the new look of their breasts.

Breast Uplift Cost Turkey

Breast uplift surgery is very much popular in Turkey for international treatment seekers due to the very low treatment prices that includes every service and facility that an international patient may need during the breast uplift treatment journey. High level of medical experience, cutting-edge medical technology and low rates of the breast uplift surgeries are the main reasons why breast uplift Turkey is very appealing for international patients who would like to have their treatment in the most advantageous and successful way.

In Clinic Mono, breast uplift cost as well as breast uplift and implant cost, are arranged as package plans. All the package details are designed to offer a comfortable the treatment journey for our patients.

Breast uplift prices may vary depending on the individualized treatment plan; after a detailed treatment planning, your medical consultants will inform you about breast uplift prices or breast uplift and implant cost.

What Are the Advantages of Breast Uplift Operation?

Breast uplift operation offer a high number of benefits to patients that makes the operation very much popular.

Breast uplift can be combined with some other plastic surgeries like breast implants providing that the plastic surgeon finds it suitable; this allows patients to have multiple operations in one session and prevents them to go through the recovery period multiple times.

Breast uplift operations are very effective on achieving not only firmer but also youthful look; saggy breasts are often associated with aging. After breast uplift, patients feel and look much younger.

Saggy breasts can also cause difficulties while buying clothes and bras; many patients state that they are much more comfortable while wearing the clothes they want after their breast uplift surgery.

Breast uplift operations are important parts of mommy makeover combinations; one of the most effected part of the body from pregnancy is breasts and the majority of the women experience sagginess of their breasts after pregnancy. Therefore, breast uplifts are important elements making mommy makeovers much more successful.

Breast Uplift Procedure

There are multiple techniques available while performing breast uplift surgery. The most suitable technique for breast uplift will be decided by your surgeon in the consultation process according to your medical history and expectations from the surgery.

The location of the breast uplift incisions may vary; the excess breast skin will be removed and the nipples will be re-arranged probably to a higher position. Your breast uplift surgery will end by your surgeon closing up the area with sutures.


Recovery After Breast Uplift

  • After your breast uplift, you will need to use a surgical sports bra for a certain period in order to support your healing and minimize the side effects of the surgery. In order to get information about the exact time period you should wear the surgical sports bra, please consult your plastic surgeon.
  • It is normal to experience swelling and bruise for 1-2 weeks after breast uplift; you may feel pain around the incisions and numbness around your nipples. These are expected to disappear in a couple of months.
  • Breast uplift incisions should be kept clean and taken care of as instructed by your surgeon to avoid any infections and support the scar healing.
  • In order to avoid pressure, you should sleep on your back until your breast uplift surgery recovery process is done; pressure may damage the healing of incisions.
  • Excessive exercise, heavy lifting and bending should be avoided for a least a month after breast uplift.
  • You may observe that your bra size getting smaller after breast uplift (if not combined with breast implants); it is because the excess skin is removed and your breasts got firmer.