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Hair transplantation is a suitable procedure for anyone experiencing hair loss. Male-pattern hair loss is a genetic disorder that is caused by the male hormone. Over time, the cells responsible for producing hair die. Therefore, the hair first becomes weak, then fails to gore and falls out in the final stage. Hair transplantation represents the most definitive and permanent treatment option for those experiencing hair loss.

Is There an Age Limit for Hair Transplantation?

The type of hair loss is the determining factor in hair transplantation, rather than the age criteria. If the scalp is visible, it means that the area where the scalp appears is below half of what it should be. In such cases, the most appropriate course of action is to employ the hair transplantation treatment method.

What Is the Most Important Factor Determining the Suitability of an Individual for Hair Transplantation?

The most significant factor in determining the suitability of hair transplantation for an individual is whether the hair loss is ongoing. Male pattern hair loss is a lifelong condition, with the hair loss rate slowing down after the age of 39–40. It is important to note that hair loss may continue and that additional sessions may be required.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take?

The procedure itself takes between three and five hours. After a hair transplant, if the patient does not wish to be informed of the procedure, they will require an average of 15 days.

When the Results of Hair Transplant Operation Can Be Reached?

It is natural to observe scabs in the form of red wounds on the scalp after a hair transplantation procedure. To prevent scabs, it is recommended that the individual wash their hair once a day. The scabs will typically disappear within seven to ten days, allowing the transplanted area to recover. In this case, the individual who has undergone hair transplantation will regain their original appearance within a period of between two weeks and one month. Please be advised that there will be no discernible difference in appearance for a period of three months. After three months, the newly transplanted hair will begin to grow.

The typical recovery period for a hair transplant is 5–6 months. After 6 months, there is a 10% change in the person who has undergone hair transplantation every month, with 90% of the transplanted hair growing by the 9th month. The remaining 10% continues until one year after the hair transplant date. After transplantation, the patient regains his new hair after 1 year. We have also discussed the issue of reviews on hair transplants.

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