Where in Turkey Is the Best Hair Transplant Performed?

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Turkey has been the most popular destination for hair transplant treatments for many years now. People who would like to get the treatment are attracted to the beautiful country because of many reasons. But, where in Turkey is the best hair transplant performed? There are many factors effecting the hair transplant procedures’ quality and results.

Hair transplant treatments in Turkey are accepted as a chance to have a good holiday by patients. Turkey has so many tourist attractions all around the country; especially in the cities of Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya which are the places where a high number of hair transplant practices takes place. Hair transplant is a comfortable procedure with its all phases; that allows patients to enjoy all the beautiful attractions the country has before or after their operation without feeling any discomfort caused by the procedure.

Although Turkey offers very advantageous and holiday-like hair transplant journeys, there are some points patients should be careful with while they are choosing a place for their hair transplant in Turkey.

Package details

In Turkey, most of the hair transplant practices are offered in a package concept; but it is essential to get information about the details of these packages. What do they include? Are they designed with good facilities? Will there be any hidden fees you need to pay when you are there? Are the aftercare services adequate? These are very important points which may affect your treatment journey positively or negatively. While there are medical centers offering all-inclusive and quality hair transplant packages, there are also places whose actual package details may disappoint you. Therefore, patients should question every detail about the package before confirming their bookings.

Hair transplant techniques

Turkey hair transplant practices are very well-developed and are offered with the best techniques and technology. However, there is still a chance that you encounter old-fashioned techniques or inadequate medical tools which can decrease the success rate of your operation. Although this is not a very common situation, it is still recommended to ask about the techniques and devices before having your treatment; it is important even if it is not for old-fashioned techniques, but for knowing if the technique is suitable for your individual condition.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to be the right address for those who are seeking for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey; our clinic is situated in the heart of Izmir city from where you can easily access to any touristic attractions of the city. You can take a walk around the historical Clock Tower or have a coffee in the beautiful coast line against the sea.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic accommodates its patients in cozy Mono Villa or one of the luxury partner hotels. During your stay, all your meals, inner city transfers and airport transfers will be covered and organized by us.

First washing session will be done by our hair transplant specialist after your procedure; you will be provided with the suitable medications and shampoos before you get back to your country.

Hair transplant experience in Mono starts with an online consultation in which a detailed hair analysis will be done and an individualized treatment plan will be created for you by our dedicated medical consultants and experienced hair transplant specialists. In order to benefit from Mono privileges for your hair transplant treatment, contact us and initiate your journey with the best option.


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