What Is FUE Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant, the popular cosmetic treatment of recent years owes its success to the latest and the most advanced technique; FUE transplant. FUE is the most demanded technique which gives very satisfactory results for all types of hair loss conditions; especially for male pattern hair loss.

FUE transplant has been an important part of medical tourism; due to the high prices in many countries, hair loss patients started to seek for more affordable and quality treatment options. Therefore, FUE hair transplant Turkey has become the most popular option for international patients seeking advantageous treatments.

How is FUE transplant performed?

FUE technique gives the hair transplant specialist and the patients full control over the operation and results; the procedure starts with planning in which the ideal density and hairline is designed by the hair transplant specialist.

FUE transplant is performed under local anesthesia; during the procedure patients do not feel any discomfort or pain though they are awake. There are three main steps;

  1. First step of the procedure is collecting the required number of follicles from the donor area; this donor area is determined beforehand in the consultation and it is usually the back of the head due to the resistant and strong structure of the hair follicles in that area.
  2. Second step of FUE Transplant is opening up canals in the hair loss area in accordance to the suitable depth, angle and hairline with micro tools; the hair loss area is prepared for the new follicles.
  3. And the last step is transplanting the previously harvested follicles into the open canals in the hair loss part. The surgical site is covered with dressings.

During the whole procedure, no bistouries or stitches are used; FUE transplant does not leave any visible scars. There may be small white dots in the donor area after the procedure but they are not visible without a close look. This scar-free feature is the main reason why FUE become so popular after the older technique of FUT hair transplant.

When will I see the results of FUE hair transplant?

FUE transplant results are lifelong and indistinguishable from the original hair; however, patients need to wait for adequate time for their newly transplanted follicles to settle in their new places and keep going with their growth cycle. This usually takes around 10-12 months; it may extend to 18 months for some parts of the scalp.

Shock loss

While waiting for the final results, patients should know about the shock loss period.

Shock loss is a period that happens in the first months after the FUE transplant; during this period the transplanted hair follicles fall down and make patients nervous about their results. However, there is nothing to worry about since it is a natural part of the healing. Shock loss does not happen to every patient.

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

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