What Is Beard Transplantation And How Is It Performed?

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Beard is one of the most important part of a masculine appearance. Long beard styles, which has become a fashion style among males in recent years, can also become not possible for those who have scars in their beards. This problem can lead to serious psychological distress in men’s life. Many man who do not have the beard density as they wish have lived through problems and negative effects in their life. Therefore, sparse beard can become a problem that can not be ignored. Beard Transplantation can be the most effective solution if the person is looking for a permanent solution for his desired beard on their face. In this text, I will be providing the information about Beard Transplantation and how it is performed.
Beard Transplantation has similarity between Hair Transplantation and Mustache Transplantation. As there are lots of techniques to be used in these procedure, there are lots of methods used in beard transplantation and transplantation may vary depending on the area where the balding is seen or the place where beard thinning appears and what kind of appearance you would like to have. At the end, the beard roots are taken  from one area to another on your body and transplanted to the area where balding is seen. The donor area which will be the hair taken from is usually the hairy area on the back of your neck. As a beard transplant method, pencil technique is a common tecnique generally used.

Beard transplantation is started by taking the grafts from the donor area(which is the hair exist mostly) and kept in special solutions to prevent hair follicles from dying. For beard transplantation, on average, by taking the care of the patient’s demand as a basis and oftenly 1000-3000 roots are used. In general, the number of grafts is sufficient for this beard transplant for the person. In insufficient operations, extra planting can be possible to done. The first washing of the beard transplantation area which performed can be done between 24-48 hours. After the first wasihng session, the clots will disappear and the beard appearance starts to look much more natural. In the first stages of the beard transplantation process, redness and acne-like formations may arise between the beards which is quite normal. There is nothing to worry in this process, it will fade away by itself in about approximately two weeks. It is importnat to know that the beards should not be shaved directly in the first period, they should be shortened at least after two weaks. After one month, the person can shave it if they wish and necessary. One of the most important points to betaken care when the beard transplantation is done is the planting of the hair follicles according to the direction and angle of the hair. Otherwise, the beard will not be as wished and desired. The number of hair roots fort he transplantation can be determined according to the patients’s concerns and expectations.

If you have concerns about the apperance of your beard, you can take a step and contact with us. We will provide very detailed information for you by considering your concerns and expectation and we will share personal treatment plan with free consultation with you. As Mono Team we are looking forward to hear from you!

You can learn all the details at https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/beard-transplant/.
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