What Are the Most Popular Facial Rejuvenation Procedures?

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   Facial rejuvenation procedures are highly popular among people who suffer deformities in their face due to aging; it is a broad term covering several types of procedures designed to provide patients with a younger and more attractive face.

   There is no escape from aging; however, facial rejuvenation techniques are so developed today that you can turn back time! In a detailed consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, you will be able to identify your needs clearly and a personalized treatment plan will be made according to your specific condition.


  Botox is one of the easiest and most well-known facial rejuvenation procedures; it aims to block the contact between nerves and muscles to reduce the wrinkles caused by the facial expressions.

   Botox can be applied to marionette lines, forehead lines or crow feet wrinkles around the eyes; Contrary to popular belief, it does not result in an expressionless robot-like face when the injection dose is appropriate. The procedure lasts around 5-10 minutes; it is performed by tiny needles by injecting botulinum toxin into the target area. There is no recovery time and patients achieve the final results in around 10-14 days.

Dermal fillers

   Dermal fillers are injections to restore the facial deformities just like Botox; they are gel-like substances to fill out the lines to have a smoother and youthful appearance. They contain hyaluronic acid which we naturally have in our body; dermal fillers are absorbed by the body by the time and therefore they are only effective for 6-12 months depending on the target area.

   Dermal filler can be applied to the lines in the nasolabial area, around the mouth, forehead lines, under eyes, lips, jawline or cheeks. They fill out the hollowness in the area and provide a better smoothness on the face. There is no recovery time after dermal fillers; but then again, minimal redness and swelling may last for a few days after the procedure.

Face lift

   Unlike Botox and dermal fillers, face lift is a surgical procedure which should be performed in hospital environment and under anesthesia. Face lift is an operation for the lower two-third of the face and does not treat the deformities on forehead area and around eyes. Procedure aims to remove the excess tissues, fat and skin on the face to achieve a tightened and younger appearance. Face lift can make the patients look 10-15 years younger depending on their individual condition and the extent of the operation.

   The recovery process lasts around 2-3 weeks; swelling may remain until up to 6 months and therefore the final results are only visible after that time.

Eyelid Surgery
   Eyelid surgery, in medical terms blepharoplasty, is a procedure to improve the appearance of droopy eyelids; it is commonly demanded for upper eyelids however it can be successfully performed on lower eyelids as well. During the procedure the excess skin and fat is removed from the eyelids through the incisions made in the natural eye folds or inside the eyelids.

   Recovery period is around 2-3 weeks; edema takes around 2-3 months to disappear completely and that is when the final results are visible.

Who can have facial rejuvenation procedures?

   Overall good physical and mental health are important to have facial rejuvenation procedures; while the non-surgical procedures are suitable for a very wide range of people, surgical facial rejuvenation procedures require a detailed assessment in advance to decide on the treatment plan.

   To get further information on the facial rejuvenation procedures in Clinic Mono, please visit clinicmono.com/ fill out the consultation form and the dedicated medical consultants will contact you immediately.

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