Unshaved Hair Transplant

With the unshaven hair transplant procedure, you can make your hair fuller without anyone noticing you! Although hair transplant procedures are commonly performed after your hair is shaved, it is also possible to perform an unshaven hair transplant if appropriate methods are used. You can achieve the results you desire with an unshaven hair transplant, one of the new-generation methods.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Process

Our surgeon will ask you to lengthen your hair a little before the system in the unshaven hair transplant procedure. In this procedure, the donor area is hidden between your hair that doesn’t need to be processed. In the first stage, the surgeon determines the area where your hair follicles will be taken. In the second stage, the doctor takes your strong and healthy follicles, which are selected with the least possible impact. In the next step, your hair follicles will be ready for transfer. The unshaven hair transplant process ends with a natural look in the last stage.

Especially for this procedure, the FUE method is preferred. With the unshaved FUE technique, thousands of hair follicles can be transferred in two sessions. You can have between 1 and 3 hair follicles from each hair follicle. Thanks to the tools and methods used in the FUE technique, the retention rate of your transferred hair follicles can be increased.

Differences Between Shaved and Unshaved Hair Transplant

Unshaven hair transplant is one of the most popular methods, especially for men. Because in the shaved hair transplant procedure, the scalp needs to be cut. This is because your hair needs to be shaved, especially if your crown area is empty, as there will be intense hair transfer. If the area to be treated is small, the unshaven FUE procedure can be performed.

Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

  • Although most hair transplant procedures are done by shaving, the unshaven hair transplant procedure has certain advantages.
  • No need for a haircut.
  • Since the process is performed on long hair, there is no difference in appearance.
  • Since it is done without shaving, the natural appearance of your hair does not deteriorate, and you don’t need to lengthen it again.
  • The recovery period is concise.
  • In a short time after the procedure, almost all of the scars will disappear, and a natural look will emerge.
  • Due to the limited amount of hair follicles to be used during the procedure and the restricted area to be transferred.
  • It can be easily preferred for women as well.
  • Especially in women, when a hair transplant is performed with this method, the change in physical appearance will be minimal since the treated area is camouflaged by other hair.

Unshaven Hair Transplant in Women

Unshaven hair transplant in women gives excellent and successful results. Since partial shaving is more accessible during the procedure, this method is also used when necessary. Since the hair must be above a certain length when an unshaven hair transplant is performed in women, this procedure is much more comfortable. If the structure and depth of your hair follicles are suitable for the transfer process, an unshaven hair transplant can be performed. When a hair transplant is performed in women, the FUE method is preferred for men. If you wonder about the unshaven hair transplant procedure, you can contact us right away.

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