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   The structure of a hair line framing the face is very efficient on the general proportion of the face. An unaesthetic hair line may cause an undesired and unbalanced look by also effecting the proportion of forehead and eyebrows.

   If the uneven hairline is not a natural feature of yours which you own genetically, the most common reason for it is the receding of the hair line by age, hormonal changes or other factors. Gladly, uneven hairline is a curable problem today with successful hair transplant techniques.

Reasons of uneven hairline

   An irregular hairline can be caused by many reasons like genetics, aging, certain diseases related to hormones or immune system. It is important to identify the reason of an uneven hairline condition to come up with the most suitable treatment. This requires the patient to track and observe his/her own condition closely and regularly; to be sure about the reason of your uneven hairline, a professional opinion is a must. Hair specialist performs blood tests and physical examinations to identify the problem; it is important to share every detail about your medical condition in the consultation.

   Receding hairline can be an early sign of hair loss for people especially in their 20s or 30s; it is usually the early beginning of a male pattern hair loss condition. Male pattern hair loss is the most commonly experienced hair loss condition caused by DHT hormones; this condition starts with a receding hairline. Receding hair line is mostly the reason for uneven hairline, especially for male. As the hairline recedes, it can take an irregular M or V shape.

   Another reason for an uneven hairline is an unsuccessful hair transplant operation; sometimes hair transplant procedures which are not planned properly or whose results got disrupted for any reason can cause an asymmetric hair line as well.

   Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss which may cause to an uneven hairline as well; in this condition hair loss occurs due to the external force applied to hair like tight braids, ponytails or buns. This condition is mostly experienced by female but can be seen in men who style their hair long as well.

   Aging is a very common reason for an uneven hairline as well. The hair structure may change by the age and the situation called “maturing hairline” may occur.

Solutions for an uneven hairline

   After identifying the reason of your uneven hairline, it is possible to find the solution for the condition. While in some cases, medication can be beneficial, usually the most suitable and permanent treatment for an irregular hairline is hair transplant.

   Hair transplant treatments give a chance to patients and the hair transplant specialist to have control over the results. The procedure is done after a detailed consultation process which covers the condition, the expectations and needs of the patient. A suitable hairline for your face structure will be designed and the operation will be performed with the suitable hair transplant technique in accordance to this plan. Hair transplant treatments are suitable for almost every condition of irregular hairline caused by any reason; techniques are applicable for both men and women.

   In Mono Hair Transplant Clinic, talented and experienced hair transplant specialists offer very detailed consultations in which the type of your hair loss condition is examined carefully and a suitable treatment plan is created. We use the latest technological tools and techniques for any hair restoration procedure. In order to get your personalized hair line designing and more information on the procedures, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.

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