The Most Affordable Hair Transplant Center in Turkey: How to Make an Accurate Comparison

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   Hair transplant is a widely performed procedure today; it is possible to find a treatment option in every price range. Turkey has been highly preferred for the most affordable prices provided with the most quality treatments.

 The most affordable price is not always the best option for you; the best option should be the best quality treatment suitable for your condition and an all-inclusive treatment package with the lowest rate possible. A detailed searching process is very important for an international patient. Although the cheapest price does not always mean a cheap treatment, you should still be aware that the unpleasant surprises are real.

   There are some essential points while looking for the most affordable hair transplant in Turkey; they may help you to refrain from bad practices while searching for a low cost treatment.


   There are a high number of hair transplant techniques available for patients with different type of hair loss conditions. Every technique requires different kind of equipment and procedure; therefore, the prices of different techniques are not usually the same. While searching for the clinics, it is advised to compare their prices by taking the techniques into consideration.

Package details and services

   A good hair transplant treatment package requires good facilities and increased inclusiveness. The details of the treatment package and the things included in the package may affect the package price; the quality of the facilities such as hotels and transfers are very effective on the prices. While comparing the prices of different hair transplant centers, compare their package details as well. You may like to choose an all-inclusive one although it is more expensive since if you try to arrange every detail by yourself, you are very likely to pay even more than that.

Price ranges according to the city

   Hair transplant procedure are widely performed in the cities of Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya; these cities have different structures of daily life cost and labor cost. Therefore, while looking for the most affordable prices, mind the city of the clinic you are searching for. None of the cities are known as offering the most affordable hair transplant prices; but still, there are slight differences on the rates you might like to take into consideration.

The most affordable prices with Mono quality

   Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is ready to offer you everything you need and everything you want in a hair transplant treatment. In our terms, the most affordable price should not compromise on the quality principles and patient’s satisfaction. Mono Hair Transplant Clinic has a very good reputation in the field and therefore makes the best advantageous agreements with the best facilities in the city; this allows us to design hair transplant treatment packages with the most affordable prices and top-level additional services. Our increasing recognition motivated us to own our own facilities too; cozy Mono Villa is designed delicately for Mono patients’ comfort only. In order to get more information about the most affordable prices and all-inclusive packages, please do not hesitate to contact us and get a free consultation anytime.

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