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Hair has an important role in the life of humanity since ancient times. When we examine the early ages and the mythology we see that the hair symbolizes power, strength, feminity and also masculinity. The hair which becomes a theme on the mythology, literature and a term which can be seen everywhere in someone’s life, has a huge effect on person’s mind. The effect that I am talking about is the penetration of the context between hair and aesthetic perceptation. It is possible to hold the codes responsible which are processed in our subconscious as if the long hair and thick hair create the perception of beautiful and handsome.

In today’s World, we hear that many people regardless of whether they are man or woman has problem with their hair. As I mentinoned before due to the fact that hair has an important role in the life of people, the concerns about hair can cause pretty negative effects on person’s mind. According to some researchs, the dissatisfaction of hair causes pschological problems such as anxiety, the loss of self confidence, alienation from society, the feeling of inadequacy. It is quite normal that if you are not happy with your hair and the important point in here to find the cause of the hair loss. There can be lots of reason behind your hair loss, for example genetic factors, hormone values etc. After all, the solution is simple, Hair Transplantation! With the help of developing technology it is very easy to find a solution for your concerns. Hair Transplantation is an operation which gives permanent solutions for patients who are concerned with their hair loss. When the operation is performed with safe hands, the results are absolutely super satisfactory. There are lots of hair transplantation tecniques used and the treatment plan should be personalizd treatment plan for each patient. As Mono Team, we provide special and unique treatment plan for our patients by considering their concerns and expectations. After the reason of the hair loss diagnosed, it is time to find the best treatment tecnique and to perform. The personalized treatment planning is really important from the very beginning to the end even after the procedure performed. Once the person get the hair transplantation operation done, the effects start to be seen from the very beginining. It can be said very confidently that there is no way to see negative effects on somebody’s life. Hair Transplantation has positive effects very much in patient’s life. It can be said that patient starts to feel much better, they feel themselves totally sufficient, their anxiety disappears. They become more social, the level of selfconfidence increases. Due to the fact that the old concerns about their hair gone away, they get satisfaction from the results and they become happier in their lives.

If you are unhappy with your hair condition and have aesthetic concerns there is nothing to worry about, there is always a solution, you can start your new journey! As Mono Team we would love to help you and we are ready to walk with you in this journey. You can contact with our experienced medical consultants and you can take a step to change your life. We are waiting to hear from you!

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