Stem Cell Hair Transplant UK Cost

Since the stem cell hair transplant procedure has not yet fully settled systematically and different details affect the price, a clear fee has not been determined.

However, it is also possible to make a price estimation by considering the average of the clinics in general.

The average range of stem cell hair transplant cost in UK varies between £ 2000 and £ 8000. However, as with traditional methods, the price will vary depending on the type of your hair and the severity of the loss to be treated.

Stem cell therapy, which has a high healing and rejuvenation potential, allows patients to regain their confidence by preventing or preventing hair loss. In other words, injected stem cells activate dead or worn hair follicles and eliminate hair growth and hair loss problems in women and men.

How do we do stem cell therapy for hair loss?

In stem cell treatment, we first take tissue samples from you. This process takes an average of 20-30 minutes and we do it by applying local anesthesia. We reproduce 60-70 cc stem cells from the tissue sample in the laboratory and make them suitable for the scalp. It takes between 1-3 weeks for the stem cell to arrive from the lab.

When the replicated stem cell is ready, stem cell therapy can be started. Stem cells are injected into the hair follicles in the hospital environment. After the procedure, stem cells become active and begin to repair hair strands and hair follicles. We repeat this process 3 times with 15 days intervals. Stem cell treatment, which ends in 3 sessions, helps you to have a vibrant and healthy appearance in the hair. You will feel the effect of the injected stem cells within 1 month.




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