Stem cell hair transplant UK

How is Stem Cell Hair Transplant in the UK? We know and want to share with you. So let’s start

Before starting the stem cell hair transplant operation, the clinic must go through a few experiments to get the necessary approval.

If these experiments are successful, a stem cell hair transplant is allowed to be performed. The UK is one of the most sensitive and caring countries to this issue.

There are other modern technology devices that help make stem cell hair transplantation a reality. Obviously, they create a follicle-shaped recessed surface using 3D printing for stem cell growth.

How Is Stem Cell Hair Treatment

First of all, the hair condition of the person is analyzed. How and how wide is the dilution. Accordingly, it is determined how many stem cells will be needed. Afterwards, the stem cell-rich fat tissues taken from the person are aphered for 1-2 hours and the stem cells, which we can call magnificent, separate. Afterwards, these stem cells are injected into the hair follicles with the help of mini injectors. You will be under the effect of local anesthesia at the time of the procedure and you will not feel any pain.

The stem cell hair treatment, especially preferred by women, is a proof of how much care our hair needs. In our hair after stem cell treatment;

  • We prevent spillage.
  • Our hair roots get stronger.
  • The cells that feed the hair root are enriched.
  • New hair growth is accelerated.



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