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Stem cell hair transplant is very common in Turkey. Stem cell therapy is provided by the patient’s own body. Stem cells are taken from bone marrow, which can be obtained from many different organs and tissues in our body. Apart from the bone marrow, stem cells can also be obtained from the umbilical cord, adipose tissue, blood tissue and baby teeth. Since the stem cell has the ability to reproduce, renew and replace itself, we can get positive results in the treatment of damaged hair. 

Does Stem Cell Have Any Effect on Hair Loss?

Today, the exact cause of genetic-based hair loss has not been found. For this reason, permanent hair loss could not be prevented yet. However, it is a known fact that there are still stem cells in the scalp of people with genetically seen baldness. It is aimed to reduce hair loss by taking advantage of the restorative cell regenerative feature of the stem cell. Strong stem cells will create a suitable environment for healthy hair.

What Are The Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy?

Sutures are not used in stem cell hair transplantation. Therefore, there is no scar on your head after the procedure and a rapid recovery is seen. You can see fast and effective results within a month after stem cell therapy. If there is thinning in the front of your hair, you can rejuvenate your frontal hairline with stem cell treatment and provide a more dynamic appearance. Stem cell therapy will create more permanent results when combined with PRP treatment.

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