Stem Cell Hair Transplant: How Is It Beneficial for Hair Restoration?

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   Hair restoration treatments take different principles as their basis; while the hair transplant treatments are for relocating healthy natural hair into the hair loss area, hair implants are for planting artificial hair into the balding part. Although these existing techniques are found efficient for patients with different types of conditions, the technology and techniques of medical science are improving day by day. This brings out the possibility for other hair restoration techniques to emerge; professionals are always searching for better treatments.

   Stem cell treatment has been the latest invention on hair restoration procedures. Although it is often referred as “stem cell hair transplant”, actually the basic principles of stem cell hair restoration treatment are not based on transferring any follicles from place to place as in a hair transplant procedure. Stem cell hair restoration is a treatment designed for restoring the hair roots and make them grow again. Stem cells are found effective on the treatments for many diseases; these cells are unspecialized and they can regenerate, copy, differentiate or improve themselves into the specialized cells. Therefore, they have been beneficial for many diseases requiring regenerative approach as a treatment. Stem cells can be collected from different parts of the body; however, it is known that fat tissues are rich in stem cells.

How is stem cell hair restoration done?

   The procedure starts by taking out a sample from an area which is rich for stem cells via suitable tools. The collected sample is specially processed with a centrifuge machine; the stem cells are separated from the sample tissue. The stem cells are injected back into the hair loss area to stimulate the area for hair re-growth.

   The process is very smooth and the complication risk is minimized. Stem cell hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia so you will not feel any pain. The procedure promises the most natural results comes with the regrowth of the natural hair of a patient.

   Stem cell hair transplant is a suitable operation for both men and women. It can treat male pattern and female baldness, cicatricle alopecia and other types of hair loss conditions. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, it seems like it will be preferred by many who does not like invasive procedures in the future. It is also suitable for those who experience severe hair loss since there is no need for an abundant donor area to take any follicles.

   Although there are some clinics performing this operation now, the technique is not yet approved and the long-term results are not guaranteed. However, by looking at the other stem cell treatment’s success, it is easy to believe that it will be commonly performed soon. Until then, Mono Hair Transplant Clinic keeps its procedures going with approved techniques of hair transplant. In Mono, hair transplant specialists are following the latest and approved technology and techniques. The safety and the success of the procedure is our priority; therefore, all the treatments are designed in a very detailed consultation process. If you like to get more information about the procedures and special prices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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