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Have you ever noticed that when you comb your hair, it is less than before? When you compare your hair with the old one, your hair isn’t as strong as a ponytail! You aren’t the only one struggling with this problem.

In many studies, it has been seen that men fight the problem of hair loss much more than women. Almost half of the people have fine hair. Hence the favourite scalp technique for people battling hair loss is scalp microblading!

Scalp microblading is a beautiful procedure that drastically changes the appearance of your hair and makes you look much younger. You have probably heard of one of the methods of microblading the forehead area. This process mimics the appearance of natural hair in sparse areas.

How does Scalp Microblading Work?

The scalp microblading for hair loss works similarly to the eyebrow microblading procedure, where pigment is preferred. Our experts say that applying our special procedures looks very natural, and you can easily continue your routine life after completing the scalp microblading procedure.

Scalp microblading is in high demand as our professional experts are highly experienced in matching the pigment colour to your natural hair and skin tone. We aim to fully renew your natural hair and new tattooed hair with natural strokes. Scalp microblading is very beneficial for those who have fought hair loss for a long time. However, it should be known that some hair types don’t regrow in this procedure.

This procedure requires a hand-held device that replicates your hair follicle as it was originally to reveal higher-quality hair. Our scalp microblading procedure is done manually. We use a medical knife tip, injecting the ink to create the exact hair structure on your scalp, and we use about two sample scalp microblading needles.

Who is A Good Candidate for Scalp Microblading?

The scalp microblading procedure aims to create new hair that is exactly in harmony with your hair colour. This method can be highly beneficial to anyone who is mainly battling different types of alopecia. These types include patients with cancer, those with hair loss, and male pattern baldness. If you have different skin problems, including eczema and skin cancer, it is essential to talk to our surgeon, as the scalp microblading procedure can exacerbate these conditions.

How Does Scalp Microblading Affect Your Life?

There are no limitations to this procedure. So you can return to your social activities, go to work or hang out with your friends on the same day after the procedure. However, don’t forget to wash your hair as recommended by our experts. Because this allows your hair colour to settle fully, don’t worry if some parts of your hair look a lot darker than other areas in the first few days. This is exceptionally normal. 

This means that your hair colour will lighten to your desired colour as an essential part of the healing process. To continue the treatment properly, we recommend that you don’t use hair lotions. Also, don’t forget to use water-resistant sunscreen to protect your hair if you need to be exposed directly to the sun. As a result, you should use sunscreen creams and avoid heavy activities for a week after the procedure.

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