Recent Developments in Hair Stem Cell Therapy

Current treatments we have can only slow down genetic hair loss rather than stop it. In recent years, stem cell hair transplant or autologous cell transfer treatments are promising. Thanks to this treatment method, if you are experiencing genetic hair loss, you will get it under control up to a point.

What is hair stem cell therapy or stem cell therapy?

If you ask what cells have the potential to transform into different cells in our body, we call them stem cells. These are cells that are unable to do a specific job in the body and do not specialize in a task. These cells can divide and regenerate themselves to become other cell types remaining in the body as stem cells. They help repair certain tissues in the body by dividing and replacing damaged tissues.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Japan

Stem cell hair transplantation continues its clinical studies. If it continues in this way and there is no problem, this stem cell hair transplant process will be available in Japan and the UK between 2022 and 2023. We will use this process, which we will apply here first, in many countries in the future.

What are the side effects of hair stem cell therapy?

There is no allergy or autoimmune risk. Because it is made of the patient’s own tissue. It does not contain any foreign additives. We should pay attention to sterilization in the area where we remove the skin roots. Otherwise, we may face risks such as infection.



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