Otoplasty How Long Wear Headband?

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While thinking about a cosmetic procedure, the recovery period is as commonly questioned as the procedure itself by the patients. Considering that the recovery is a very significant part of the process and have a huge effect on the results and healing, this is completely natural. 

Recovery is also about how long do patients have to pause their regular daily life and until which extent for the surgery. When it comes to otoplasty how long wear headband is the point which patients wonder about most.

Recovery of the otoplasty surgery

Otoplasty surgery needs to be supported with proper and effective aftercare applications.

Patients should use the medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon regularly and keep the surgery area clean. Resting the head in an elevated position is necessary for the first weeks as it helps with the edema significantly.

Otoplasty how long wear headband is one the most common questions of the patients related to the post-op process; in fact, the duration of the headband to be necessarily used should be advised by the surgeon as the different conditions of the patients may have different needs. However, usually, otoplasty how long wear headband is around 4-6 weeks; during this time headband should be used while sleeping or doing physical activities to protect the ear from possible external damages while still in the sensitive process of the recovery.

When performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon and being careful with the recovery, otoplasty surgery gives magnificent results; for the best otoplasty results with the most affordable package deals, contact Clinic Mono now. Our medical consultants will be glad to inform you more about otoplasty how long wear headband and the other important points about the otoplasty recovery period.

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