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While considering a cosmetic procedure, patients frequently inquire about the recovery period as much as the procedure itself. As the recovery period is a significant part of the process and has a significant effect on the results and healing, this is to be expected. 

The recovery period also encompasses the length of time patients must cease their regular daily activities and the extent to which they must restrict their activities after the surgery. With regard to otoplasty, the duration of wearing a headband is the aspect that patients are most interested in.

Recovery of the Otoplasty Surgery

It is important to note that otoplasty surgery requires proper and effective aftercare.

It is important that patients adhere to the medication prescribed by their plastic surgeon and maintain the surgical area in a clean and sanitary manner. It is important to rest the head in an elevated position for the first few weeks after the procedure, as this helps to reduce the swelling significantly.

One of the most common questions patients have about the post-operative process is how long they should wear the headband. Surgeons should advise patients on the duration of the headband to be used, as the needs of patients may vary. However, the typical duration of wearing a headband after otoplasty is approximately four to six weeks. During this period, is it advisable to wear the headband while sleeping or engaging in physical activities to protect the ear from potential external damage, as it is still undergoing a sensitive recovery process?

When performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon and with due care for the recovery period, otoplasty surgery can yield excellent results. For the most effective otoplasty results at the most competitive price, contact Clinic Mono now. Clinic Mono’s contracted medical consultants will be happy to provide further information on otoplasty and the recovery period.

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