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Our hair is exposed to many harmful factors in daily life even if we do not notice it; sun, improper brushing, wrong usage of hair products, buns and tails that pulls the hair strongly, dryers and straighteners are the biggest reasons for our hair to get damaged and go weak.

Refraining from the harmful external factors is the first step to have healthy hair; but then again, it is very hard to refrain them because they are all part of our daily lives. So, as a more preferable way, a good haircare routine can help you to reduce the negative effects of external factors and have stronger hair.

Natural oils are an important part of haircare routines with many benefits and easy application. Professionals state that natural oils are much more recommendable to include into the haircare routine instead of fully chemical products because they are more successful on nourishing hair without any side effect.

There are many types of natural oils beneficial for the hair; here are some of the most effective ones.

Argan Oil

   Also known as “liquid gold”, argan oil is one of the most efficient oils for hair which is also used in many hair products. Argan oil is obtained from the fresh kennels of argan tree which grows in Morocco and can be used in both cooking and cosmetics. There are many healthy vitamins and antioxidant in it which helps hair to get moisturized, smoother and conditioned. Argan oil also improves the scalp health.

Argan oil can be used in many ways; there are numerous haircare products made with argan oil in forms of shampoo, conditioner or hair mask. On the other hand, you can make your own haircare product using argan oil too, perhaps combining it with a few other oils which are also healthy for your hair.

Coconut Oil

Being beneficial for many other conditions as well, coconut oil is one of the most preferred oils used for haircare. It is very successful on protecting hair from external damages like sun or wind and reducing the breakage. It makes the hair shiny and strong.

Coconut oil can be used as a conditioner before or after hair wash; or during hair wash as an ingredient of your shampoo. It can also be applied to the scalp by massaging to improve the scalp skin.

Tea Tree Oil

   Tea tree oil has been used to treat many skin problems for ages; it is known for its positive effects on hair of making it stronger and reducing the dandruff. Unlike many other natural oils, this oil is to use topically and should not be ingested. Tea tree oil can be applied as an ingredient of shampoos or directly after it is diluted.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is very good for both the hair and the scalp as it blends with the balance of the scalp very well. It is very commonly used in shampoos and conditioners to reduce dandruff and moisturize the hair. It includes Vitamin B, C and E; it is effective on treating the dry scalp and hair especially.

Natural oils are very convenient for daily usage to protect and strengthen the hair; however, they are not effective on supporting the growth of new hair in the bald spots of the scalp. If you suffer from a hair loss condition, you should consult to a professional to assess hair transplant options to achieve the most successful results. Mono Hair Transplant Clinic treats hair loss conditions with the most advanced techniques of hair transplant. In order to get more information on techniques in a detailed online consultation, please get in touch with us; our dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to meet you.

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