What to Expect From a Micro FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey?


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The issue of hair loss problem is a common concern for many people. Hair loss can lead to a loss of self-confidence, an unflattering appearance, and a number of other issues. With this solution, the problem of hair loss will no longer be your nightmare! One of the most effective treatment methods for hair loss is the micro FUE hair transplant procedure.

The Micro FUE hair transplant is a highly effective technique using specialized motors. In this technique, punches are placed on the tip of the handpiece connected to the micromotor. The motor allows for simple adjustment of the rotation speed and direction. This is a highly popular hair transplant technique globally.

The micro FUE hair transplant procedure in Turkey offers a number of advantages, including speed. This allows for the achievement of high graft numbers in the hair transplant process. This allows for more effective results to be achieved in a very large surface area in a single session. This procedure significantly reduces the number of sessions required, thereby reducing the overall cost.

How Is a Micro FUE Hair Transplant Done in Turkey?

The micro FUE hair transplant procedure in Turkey involves the careful removal of individual hair follicles, which are then transferred to the bald areas of the scalp. Before removing the follicle, the donor area is trimmed to a length of 1mm. The area of the scalp to be treated is anesthetized with a local anesthetic drug. The micro tips are approximated by centring the hair shaft. The hair is then dipped and pulled into the skin according to the natural angle of the hair. The follicle and the microscopic tissue surrounding it are cut in a cylindrical fashion, along with the hair. 

This automatic system minimizes the damage to your hair follicles during the procedure, reducing the operation time and increasing the number of follicles taken. After the follicular units have been collected, they are placed in much smaller holes that have been opened in the bald areas of the patient’s head. There is no incision or stitching in the area where the hair is taken from your head. However, minor abrasions may occur in the areas where the roots are taken.

Micro FUE Hair Transplant Benefits in Turkey

A micro FUE hair transplant in Turkey offers a number of benefits. Thanks to the highly advanced technologies Clinic Mono prefers at the collaborative health institutions, you will experience minimal discomfort after the procedure compared to other hair transplant methods. The FUE hair transplant in Turkey does not require stitches or incisions. This is the most crucial factor that makes Turkey the ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality, minimally invasive hair transplant. This minimally invasive procedure leaves no traces of minor pain and delivers the highest results. 

The micro FUE hair transplant in Turkey has become much easier with the advent of new technological methods. The use of micro motors allows the micro FUE hair transplant treatment to be completed much more quickly. This results in much more precise incisions around the hair follicles. Another significant benefit of micro FUE hair transplant in Turkey is that the entire corner of the hair that cannot be reached by hand can be easily reached.

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