Labiaplasty Recovery Week by Week

Labiaplasty operation is a very successful and effective option for those who suffer from the unwanted shape or size of their labia which can cause both physical and mental disturbance. Those who are interested in the labiaplasty operation very often wonder about the details of recovery period.

Here is what to expect from labiaplasty recovery week by week.

Recovery timeline: labiaplasty recovery week by week

The total recovery period of labiaplasty usually takes around 3 weeks; however, patients should remember that every individual can pass through this period differently. Here is how labiaplasty recovery week by week.

Labiaplasty recovery week 1

First week after the labiaplasty operation is where the side effects are experienced in the maximum level; the most common side effects are usually swelling and moderate pain during this week. As intense physical activity may reversely effect the early period of healing, patients often recommended to take a week off from work after their labiaplasty operation. At the end of the first week pain subsides significantly and many patients do not feel a need to use and pain medications. However, swelling may take longer to disappear. 

Patients will feel progressively better in their labiaplasty recovery week by week. The surgical site should be kept clean as instructed by the surgeon; patients should not rub or scratch the area until the healing is completed. Your surgeon may recommend you to use cold packs to help with the swelling.

Labiaplasty recovery week 3

At this point, it is much more comfortable to do some physical activities. Pain is mostly gone. Swelling and sensitivity can still remain at this stage and it is very natural. Patients should remember that third week is still early for the recovery to be completed and should be cautious.

Labiaplasty recovery week 6

Sixth week of labiaplasty recovery is where the area is mostly healed; patients can get back to their heavy physical activities and have sexual intercourse after this period providing that their surgeon says it is now suitable for them to do so. Labiaplasty recovery week by week is completed at the 6th week; however, patients may need more time for all the remaining swelling to go away and final results to be achieved.

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