Is Hair Transplant Safe During the Pandemic Period?

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If you wonder if a hair transplant is safe during the pandemic period, this post is for you! Keep reading!

With the measures taken all over the world regarding Covid-19, we, as Mono Clinic, have taken high measures for this process. We continue our hair transplant procedure uninterruptedly with the measures we take to prevent the spread of the epidemic. We do our best to keep your health and confidence at the highest level. Mono Clinic is with you during the pandemic, as always!

Important Information To Consider for Hair Transplant During the Pandemic Process

  • Before choosing a hair transplant procedure, you should choose hospitals or clinics that take precautions due to the pandemic.
  • Before the procedure, you should observe whether the clinic where you go to the examination fully complies with the controls that must be followed within the scope of the fight against Covid-19.
  • You should also pay attention to whether the social distance rules are observed and whether the temperature is taken before being taken to the clinic.
  • It is also important to check whether there is equipment that provides sterilization or disinfection used for hand cleaning in waiting rooms.
  • It is an important detail that you can easily see whether you are at the right clinic for a hair transplant, observing whether the social distance is maintained in the rooms where the examination and procedure will be performed.
  • It is also very important for the specialist doctor who will perform the procedure to wear clothes that provide special protection and masks that provide high protection.
  • Another important point to note is that the number of patients who come to the clinic or hospital for the operation is made by paying attention to the social distance rules.

What Precautions Has Mono Clinic Taken for Covid-19?

  • You are the priority for our clinic. That’s why we took every precaution.
  • Our environment for the hair transplant process has become extremely sterile, and its ventilation is also working healthily.
  • All of our staff in the clinic have their temperature taken regularly, and they do regular PCR tests.
  • Our same specialist surgeons do not undergo a second procedure on the same day. Each of our surgeons doesn’t treat more than one patient. Thus, we ensure the safety of our specialist surgeons and you at a high level.
  • All our treatment rooms have UVC lamps that are very effective against the virus.
  • Before entering our clinic, the temperature of the patient and the patient’s relatives is measured. Thus, we ensure that people with high fever are diagnosed early and prevent the risk of a possible pandemic.
  • We strictly maintain social distancing by doing a few procedures during the day.
  • Our expert teams and surgeons wear clothing that provides special protection for your procedure. Also, our expert team is protecting both you and yourself by wearing masks that provide high protection.
  • As part of the fight against Covid-19, we placed sterilization equipment that provides disinfectant and hand cleaning at certain points in our waiting rooms.

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