How Is Hair Transplant Performed? Main Steps and Techniques

   Hair transplant is the most efficient hair restoration treatment with the highest success rate today; the advancement of hair transplant techniques and technologies are a big relief for those suffering from hair loss conditions and cannot find the solution with any other treatment way. Hair transplant are becoming more well-known and more sought every day.

    Here are the details of hair transplant procedures.

Starts with a detailed consultation

   The best hair transplants owe their success to a good planning process; the planning of the treatment is quite important because every patient has different expectations and different hair loss conditions. There are many details about the operation like the medical condition of the patient, hair loss condition, desired shape of the hair line, expected density, the ideal donor area, quality of the follicles in the donor area, number of the required grafts to achieve the planned result, the proper technique which can provide the most successful procedure and results; all of these should be discussed in detail. An accurate evaluation of the patient’s condition leads to the best results.

How is hair transplant performed?

   The basic progression of the treatment can vary depending on the techniques; there are multiple hair transplant techniques today among which the most commonly performed one is FUE transplant.

   FUE is the most improved technique offering many upsides to the patients comparing to other techniques. FUE process has 3 essential steps; first is the harvesting of the hair follicles from the suitable donor area which is often the back of the head due to the stronger follicles there. Second step of the procedure is opening up canals in the hair loss area; these canals are opened in accordance to the proper hairline and hair density which was determined in the consultation. And the last step of FUE is the plantation of the collected grafts into the previously opened canals with suitable tools.

   Hair transplant operation is a delicate process which requires talent and attention; the duration is longer than many other cosmetic procedures however it is performed under local anesthesia so patients do not feel any discomfort.

    FUE technique has different types like DHI method, Sapphire and Micro FUE; these types benefit from different technologic tools or different materials of these tools to achieve better results in different hair loss conditions but the main steps stay the same.

   Another technique for hair transplant is FUT; FUT is an older technique which not so much preferred today because of some disadvantages. This technique is performed by extracting a skin strip from the donor area to harvest the grafts; the place of the incision is closed up with the sutures and this leaves a prominent linear scar which can be quite disturbing when hair is styled short. The advantage of FUT technique is that the time harvested follicles remain outside of the body is shorter and therefore the damage risk is the minimum. This technique is preferred for severe hair loss conditions with small and inadequate donor area and large hair loss area.

   Hair transplant techniques are constantly developing with the technologic improvements and the advances of medical science to give more successful results.


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