How Is FUE Performed in Turkey: Procedure and Its Advantages

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      FUE technique stands as the latest hair transplant technique suitable for both men and women who experience hair loss due to several factors. Most of the hair transplant practices in Turkey benefit from the advancement of FUE technique for their international and local patients. Turkey has been the number one destination for FUE operations due to the high number of practices and the low price rates.

Why is FUE hair transplant is so popular?

   FUE technique benefits from the latest technological devices; the technique has developed as a strong opponent for FUT technique which has lost its popularity due to the disadvantages as against to FUE technique.

   The old hair transplant technique FUT provides patients with efficient results but also a permanent linear scar in exchange; this scar is in the donor area (usually the back of head) and very visible if the hair is styled short enough to reveal it. FUT also has a longer recovery period than FUE technique; FUT is performed by taking out a skin strip from the donor area. FUE is much less invasive than FUT and provides patients with a more comfortable recovery period.

   FUE technique is not only beneficial for hair transplant treatments but also other treatments like beard transplant or moustache transplant due to its scar-free and less invasive structure.

   As the demand for hair restoration has increased, researches and developments on the field has also increased. FUE technique can be performed by various micro tools; type of the technological tools used in the technique may vary in terms of material and shape however their function is always to perform the transplantation in a most accurate and hygienic way.

FUE hair transplant procedure

   Undoubtedly, consultation process is as important as the procedure itself for a FUE hair transplant. A good consultation session should cover the details about the hair loss along with the general health condition of the patient. Patients should mention about their expectations and needs in detail to achieve the desired results. In Turkey, initial FUE consultations are done online; online consultations are very beneficial for patients to have more information about the technique and find out if they are suitable candidates for the technique.

   FUE is a pain-free procedure performed under local anesthesia. The operation is performed as harvesting the adequate number of follicles from the donor area one by one via suitable tools and transplanting them into the opened channels in the hair loss area.

   Recovery after FUE is very quick, especially when compared to FUT. The infection risk is quite low and the little dot shaped scar tissues are mostly invisible after recovery. Patients who had their FUE hair transplant in Turkey enjoy the touristic attractions after their operation without feeling any discomfort.

FUE procedures in Turkey

   Most of the hair transplant treatment plans involve FUE technique in Turkey due to the fact that it is the most developed technique available. The expert hair transplant specialists in Turkey adopt the developments and innovations; therefore, the success rate of hair transplant procedures in Turkey always stands in the highest rate.

   Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to work with the most experienced and talented hair transplant specialists in Turkey who benefit from the cutting-edge technologies and latest techniques in their treatments. In order to get further information about the techniques and treatment packages, do not hesitate to contact us.

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