Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

If you are planning to have a hair transplant treatment, it is natural to want to learn about the process. You may also want to explore the healing process on a timeline. With the hair transplant recovery timeline, you can examine the daily, weekly and monthly healing process.

Immediately After Surgery

The start of the hair transplant recovery timeline is just after surgery. Because the healing process starts immediately after the surgery. You can also go home the same day after the operation. However, swelling, redness and sensitivity occur in the hair transplant area. When you follow the hair care recommendations made by your doctor, your recovery will take less time.

The First Few Days After Hair Transplantation

The first few days are very important in the hair transplant recovery timeline. Although mild pains are seen during this period, your scalp begins to heal. In order to shorten the recovery period, you should not go out in sunny weather, sleep in the right position and avoid physical activities.

First Week After Hair Transplantation

There is a significant reduction in swelling and redness on your scalp until the first week. Your scalp heals quickly. However, you should continue to take proper care of your scalp.

After the First Month of Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation, recovery starts in the first month and is completed within approximately 12-15 months. Until the process is completed, you should make the necessary care and go to the doctor’s control at regular intervals.





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