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Hair loss is a significant problem that can have a negative impact on an individual’s emotional well-being and self-esteem, particularly in men and women. If the cause of hair loss is not identified in the early stages and the necessary precautions are not taken immediately, it may result in baldness. On the other hand, a hair transplant is a highly effective procedure, particularly for people who have been experiencing hair loss for approximately 20-25 years. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure.

One of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplant, which can create significant differences in your appearance, is whether the procedure is painful. A hair transplant is carried out while the patient is standing and typically takes between five and six hours. Although this procedure is very safe, it is still a surgical procedure, so some side effects can be expected as a result. Before the procedure, you will be administered a local anesthetic, which will provide you with minimal discomfort. The anesthetic will temporarily numb your skin, allowing you to remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Healing Process After Hair Transplant

You will not experience pain during the hair transplant procedure performed under anesthetic agents. Following the initial recovery period after a hair transplant procedure, patients typically report a significant sense of relief. While it is essential to protect your head, you will be able to perform most of your daily activities. You may experience redness, mild pain, and tenderness in the treated areas for only a few days during the healing process. In such cases, your surgeon may recommend that you take medication to alleviate the side effects after a hair transplant. However, all these processes are generally light enough to take a few days at most. Following the post-transplant instructions in the first few weeks of recovery will help minimize possible symptoms in the days following the procedure. In summary, you will not feel too much pain thanks to anesthetic agents.

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