Hair Transplant After Two Weeks

Hair loss is a big problem for a lot of people around the world. Many people want to have hair transplant surgery, but many people are afraid of getting hair transplant surgery. If you have decided to have hair transplant surgery, you may wonder what to do after hair transplantation.

After the surgery, you will be free from all the pain in two weeks. Hair transplant after two weeks, there will be a long process waiting for you. In the third week, you will see the new hair follicles on the transplanted area. After two weeks, some patients may notice that their hair follicles have fallen out, but do not worry; this is quite normal at that time.

What to do After Two Weeks?

Do not forget that every patient will experience different degrees of hair growth within this period. A hair transplant after two weeks needs some patience to see the result. You can see the new hairs are thin, but the hair will become thicker as time goes by.

At that time, you can start to do some sort of styling with your new hair. After seven or ten months, you will notice that the new hair becomes thicker and longer. You can see the hair density and texture better than before. After twelve months, you can see the positive effect of hair transplant surgery better. Your new hair may already have grown long enough to get a few cuts until this time.





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