Hair Transplant After One Month

Hair transplantation is a kind of procedure that requires patience. The patients have to wait a few months to see the results of hair transplantation. Although patients mostly wonder how this process goes in the first month, the hair transplant after the first month is also very important. Let’s explain what patients will get from their hair transplantation after one month. Hair transplant after one month will begin to bring you a new look. Patients will notice new hair follicles growing in an area where hairs are transplanted.

New hairs will be thin, but it is normal even after one month. Hair follicles will begin to thicken as time passes. After four months, the patients’ hair should be around 1 to 3 inches in length. Patients can begin to shape their gradually visible hair.

Does The Healing Process of Hair Transplantation Take Too Long?

Although the whole process is long, the healing process may be shorter than you think. Patients may have fully recovered from their hair transplantation after one month. In the first week of the hair transplantation, patients may feel pain in the transplanted area. There will be swelling and scabs on the area too. Patients should use special shampoo and oils to get rid of them. Hair transplant after one month, you will notice that all of the pain, swellings, and scabs are gone on the area where hairs are transplanted. However, it is up to the patients whether this process will go quickly or not.


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