Faulty Practices Affecting Hair Health

Your hair is like the most important accessory you wear every day and cannot change if you are making many different applications in your daily life to make your hair look healthy and aesthetic. So, how accurate are these practices for your hair health? Or are you causing a great deal of damage to your hair with these applications? Here are the faulty practices that affect hair health:

Applying Chemicals To the Hair

When you apply chemical-based products containing substances such as bleaching agents, hair dyes, styling products, parabens, bleach and alcohol that you use for your hair, the keratin bonds in your hair are completely dissolved. After these applications that you will make continuously, your hair will become thinner to a great extent and begin to break and fall out. 

At the same time, you may be applying these products to your scalp while applying them to your hair! Chemical-based products that come into contact with your scalp damage and especially your hair in the growth phase, leading to disruption of your healthy hair cycle. Therefore, don’t dye your hair as much as possible. If you have to dye your hair, choose hair dyes with shallow ammonia content. Be very careful that there is no alcohol, paraben or soap in the hair products you prefer.

Washing Hair with Hot Water

For the health of your hair and scalp, you should not take a shower with hot water because hot water causes the rate of healthy oil in your skin and hair to deteriorate to a large extent. This deterioration continues with very oily or highly dandruff skin and damage to the hair structure. For this, you should wash your hair as much as possible with warm or cold water and gently massage your skin. This situation dramatically increases the blood circulation in your skin, allowing much more oxygen to go to your hair follicles.

Continuously Exposing Hair To Heat

Although many applications such as hair straighteners, curling irons and hot blow-dry help to shape your hair, they will damage your hair in the long run. Such substances burn your hair and damage its structure to a large extent. Constantly using such products will reduce your hair volume, damage your hair follicles, and cause your hair to thin and fall out. It also makes your hair look dull and weak.

Wrong Choice of Shampoo

Many of the shampoos, which you can find easily in every way, are sold in attractive packages and have many different types, which are essentially no different from dishwashing detergents. However, such shampoos contain many harmful substances such as perfume, paraben, alcohol and soap. In long processes, the use of shampoos containing these toxic substances disrupts the acid balance of your skin and may even cause your hair to look very unhealthy.

Combing Wet Hair

Combing wet hair can cause your hair to fall out. As a result of harmful pulling applied during hair combing with fine-tipped combs when wet, which women often do, your hair strands break off and fall out. This application, which you do to open your tangled hair, is entirely wrong. You should not comb your hair while it is wet as much as possible and be careful to use large-tipped combs.

Tying Hair Tightly

If you tie your hair tightly, your hair will be significantly damaged due to the opposing pulling force applied. This practice can even cause many problems, such as pain, tenderness or oedema at the base of your hair. Therefore, you should tie your hair loosely.

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