False Facts About Beard And Moustache Transplantation

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Many man who do not have the beard and mustache density they want, apply many methods to change this situation. Beard Transplantation and Mustache Transplantation is the most effective method if the person is looking for a permanent solution. Unfortunately, there are lots of common wrong information about these procedures, therefore, I would like to provide true information about the operations in this text.

First of all, many person who have concerns about their beard and mustache are questioning whether the result will look natural or not when it is performed. If you think that the operation can not give the natural look, this is totally wrong. Due to the fact that natural hair is used and planted, the apperance will be very natural. Of course many criteria must be met for the natural position of the sowing, the sowing in accordance with the hair growth direction and obtaining the right density.

Some of the patients would like to have the beard and mustache results from the very minute of the operation yet after the procedure done, the full result of the transplantation process takes approximately 6months -1 year. Although the first hair growth varies according to the metabolic rate of the person, it starts to grow from the 2nd month and the growth increases day by day. Most of the people have concerns about the procedure whether it is permanent or temporary and most of the people suppose that the operation is temporary, yet the important point here is the professionality of the specialist. When the operation is performed by experienced specialists the results will be süper satisfactory. Also there is no obligation for the operation depends on your age, if you have enough hair to plant you can be a good candidate for the operation. These operation are not painful and the local anaesthesia is used for the area which the plantation will be done. It can be said that just 2 or 3 minutes you can feel pain at minimum level. In order to achieve the desired density, the calculation of the number of grafts must be done very well and analyzed. Correct hair analysis is very important to obtain a natural appearance. In the transplantation on the face area, by considering that the appearance will change to the maximum, it should be treated very carefully and planting should be done one by one according to the direction of hair growth.

The cost of the transplantation is one of the main concerns and it is supposed that the procedure is quite expensive. On contrary to the supposed, the procedures of Beard and Mustache Transplantation are not very expensive and the prices are very affordable. If you are looking for the most ideal and permanent solution and you have questions about beard and mustache transplantation you can contact with us for further information all the time you wish. You can find all detailed information about our service at https://Monoplanthairclinic.com/moustache-transplant/.
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