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While protein is linked to hair growth, it is unlikely to be the cause of hair loss. It is advisable that you consume the recommended daily value of protein, which is relatively low.

The typical diet for a healthy adult contains about 50 grams of protein per day, which is easily accessible. The majority of individuals are not concerned about protein deficiency. However, if you are consuming protein shakes, you are consuming an excessive amount of protein, which may be harmful to the nutrients your hair and body require. Although this is usually unlikely, an imbalanced diet can cause medical problems and, as a result, hair loss over time.

First of all, it is advisable to consult with an expert to identify any underlying medical causes for your hair loss. In any case, the specialist doctors can help you restore your hair. The specialist doctors will offer you the only permanent treatment available, which is the hair transplant procedure. A hair transplant is an excellent solution for hair loss, as it is a viable option for everyone.

Does a High Protein Diet Cause Hair Loss?

A high protein diet can be an effective weight loss strategy, as it helps to reduce and burn fat. However, such diets can have adverse effects on the body, including the potential for hair loss.

How Is Hair Loss Related to High Protein Diets?

Those on a high-protein diet cut or drastically limit their intake of foods like carbohydrates. Depriving the body of certain foods can result in nutritional deficiencies that may lead to hair loss. If your body is not receiving all the necessary nutrients, it will not function properly, and your hair will start to fall out. Restrictive diets can result in the majority of hair follicles entering the slowing phase of the hair growth cycle (telogen) at an early stage. This is because, in general, your hair will not have sufficient calories or nutrients to stay active during the growth phase.

Changing your diet can place stress on your body, which can cause your hair follicles to enter a state of shock. On the other hand, hair follicles are highly susceptible to even minor changes in their environment. Hair follicles aggregate to protect themselves, and the aggregation of follicles is a contributing factor to hair loss. However, once you continue your normal diet, your hair follicles will generally return to normal, and therefore the additional hair loss will stop.

If you have recently started a high-protein diet and are experiencing hair loss, we recommend you consult with a specialist doctor. This type of diet may be an option for you. However, it would be best if you consulted your medical provider to add nutritional supplements.

In summary, we are fully aware of the significance of your hair and the impact that hair loss can have on your life. We have great news for you! For a long time, Clinic Mono, as a medical tourism agency, have mediated individuals to repair their hair and change their lives. You can consult Mono’s contracted medical team to have your treatment at the best collaborative health institutions.

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