Do Hair Transplant Last?

Is hair transplant permanent? Do hair transplants last? These questions may be spinning in all of your minds. So let’s try to answer.

Interventions in hair transplantation, if the correct steps are performed during the surgery, yes, hair transplantation is a 100% permanent method. But we think it will be useful to look at it from this angle. It is determined that your body will be compatible with the newly transplanted hair follicles with the hair follicles taken from the person himself. However, in the first few days after hair transplantation, spills may occur, although rarely. In the first 3 days, the hair is not washed, and the next days are started, the recommendations of your doctor are followed, if you do not act to damage your hair, make it dull, or in short, the success rate varies between 95% -100%.

Remember, the waste rate is generally between 3-5%, and newly transplanted hair follicles will become resistant roots with the effect of testosterone genetically. After the transplant, your new hair will mean that it has been transferred to you for a lifetime. You have had a hair transplant operation, and you think that the transplanted hair is falling out. It wouldn’t make sense to have a hair transplant at this time, would it?

Today, there are many places that do hair transplantation. Planting really has to be done in a healthy environment. The hair transplant specialist must be experienced. Otherwise, you may experience health problems such as hair loss in the transplanted hair.

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