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Is a hair transplant permanent? Do hair transplants last? These questions may be spinning in all of your minds. So let’s try to answer.

Thanks to Clinic Mono’s expertise in hair transplantation and Mono’s commitment to following the correct procedures, we can confirm that hair transplantation is a 100% permanent method. However, we believe it would be beneficial to examine this from another perspective. In order for the body to be compatible with the newly transplanted hair follicles, we fix them with the hair follicles we receive from the person.

However, it is possible that hair loss may occur in the first few days after hair transplantation, although this is rare. Please note that the hair should not be washed for the first three days and should be left to dry naturally. It is important to follow the advice of Clinic Mono’s contracted medical team. In short, the success rate is between 95 and 100%. The waste rate is usually between 3% and 5%. Newly planted hair follicles will develop genetically resistant roots as a result of the testosterone effect. After the transplant has been completed, the new hair will be yours to enjoy for the rest of your life.

There are numerous establishments offering hair transplantation services today. It is of the utmost importance that the environment in which the planting takes place is healthy. It is essential that the hair transplant specialist have extensive experience. Otherwise, there is a risk of developing health problems such as hair loss in the transplanted hair.

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